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How I Met My Husband…Online

Today when I tell people that I met Brian online it’s generally accepted. Lots of people meet online and develop relationships, but it wasn’t always so socially acceptable. Plenty of people thought it was a bit weird back in 2001-2002.

And better yet, we weren’t single at the time. No, no one was doing any cheating. Our timing was just all wrong… Or maybe it was perfectly right?


A trip to House on the Rock shortly after we started dating.

I was no stranger to meeting guys online. It was my preferred method throughout college. Sure, there were cute guys at my school and the bar, but online gives you a chance to get to know someone differently. And back then you didn’t always see a picture before meeting. Pictures were more common around the time I connected with Brian.

I was browsing Yahoo Personals and spotted an ad for a guy who sounded nice and funny. Right about that time Yahoo started to charge to use their service. My freebie days were over. Thankfully I was smarter than them. I made note of his username and located him via Yahoo Messenger.

Yep, I virtually walked straight up to him and started chatting.

It was quite friendly but I thought he was farther away from me so I did not try to meet up in real life. See, I was away at college and didn’t know southeast Wisconsin that well. It would be 6 months or so before I found out he was only 45 minutes away!

Our chats continued as friends. I was dating someone (a friend’s cousin) and Brian had a crush on a girl at work.

I helped him with this girl.

We gave each other advice for dealing with the significant others in our lives. Looking back its a bit crazy! Unfortunately, my boyfriend was the jealous type. He didn’t want me talking to any guys on or offline.

I had to start hiding from Brian online.

He’d spot me while I was playing on Yahoo Games. I felt horrible trying to virtually ditch him. Then our birthdays came up because they were within the next week. We discovered they were on the same day.

Fast forward a bit… I tried to help Brian win back his girl (not really sure why she broke up with him..something stupid as I remember). I was having issues with Chris and finally ended it. I tried to get Brian to talk on the phone more….he gave me his number but was sooo quiet. He was way more chatty online.

Then finally one day we talked about meeting….just as friends. You know, to hang out.

Since we were 45 minutes away from each other, we agreed to meet about halfway. That ended up being silly because we went back to his town. Anyway, we met up in the McDonald’s parking lot in Mequon. (Internet dating rule #1: Always meet in a public place.)

We chatted and assessed each other to not be weirdos before I got in his beat up truck for our non-date. He took me out for ice cream then we went bowling. After bowling we sat in the bar and talked for hours over a couple of nursed drinks. We will never forget the movie “Badlands” was on the TV. We couldn’t hear it in the bar so we made running commentary MST3K style.

Brian took me back to my car in the McDonald’s parking lot at 3am. A cop pulled up because we looked suspicious…hanging out and talking. He ran our driver’s licenses to check for warrants. It was a relief that the guy I was with was all clear!

We parted that night, planning to “hang out” again in the future…

How did you meet your significant other?

Now I’ll add to my list of reasons why I love my husband.

The first 13 reasons
14. His smile. It’s kind and sweet. I feel special when it’s meant for me.
15. His smirk. It’s so him and cute. I usually know what he’s thinking when I see it.
16. He’s quiet. Makes him the perfect compliment to my personality. We bring good balance to each other.
17. His taste in movies. I rarely have to worry about him picking something I won’t watch. We have a lot in common in this area.
18. He’s sweet. He truly is but doesn’t always know it. He has a way of tugging at my heart strings.

Why I Love My Husband

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  1. Mariah January 17, 2013 Reply

    We met online too! Match.com for us! And one of my husband’s best friends also met his wife on Match.com. We’re believers! :)
    Mariah recently posted..5 Free Valentine’s Day Printables

  2. Allyson Bossie January 17, 2013 Reply

    I met my husband online too (although we don’t tell most people that since they rarely understand). I had been a single mom of 3 for a year and I had a date for Valentines Day, but it fell through because my kids needed me more. Later that evening I was browsing My Space (not for a hook up like many used it for) and my husband’s picture really stuck out to me. I emailed him not knowing he was travelling on a job. He emailed back 2 weeks later, and a month after that we were going out on our first date. We have been together ever since! We have been together for years and married for 3 in March!
    Allyson Bossie recently posted..From You Flowers: The Perfect Answer for Valentine’s Day!MyW1ldcrazylife

  3. Lisa R January 17, 2013 Reply

    I too met my husband from online. I thought it was different than posting in a newspaper which I would never do. Back in 1999, everyone was chatting on line anyway so I felt like it was okay. A lot of people thought I was crazy for doing it, but I remember the crazy things i did younger than that like meeting someone in a bar and going in their car to go get something to eat afterwards. I think it is safer online at least for me it was. I chatted online for a while, then the phone and evetually met at a restaurant which was a public place and then left separately from there. I have 2 wonderful children from my first marriage and let me tell you my first turned out to be abusive but when I met my second husband it was different. i have to say we will be married for 13 years in March and we had a beautful daughter together.

  4. Emily January 17, 2013 Reply

    I met my husband online, too! We met in October 2003, and married in November 2005. I rarely tell people because its often met by “really?” And “weren’t you scared?”
    Emily recently posted..Link up your handmade projects at Whip It Up Wednesday!naptimeismytime

  5. Headant January 17, 2013 Reply

    I met mine online too–my free trial at the dating site was about to expire and I cleverly snuck my email to him. We met IRL at a bookstore where this woman was eavesdropping on us.
    Headant recently posted..The Thin Red Line of Fashionheadant

  6. Brandy Lewis January 17, 2013 Reply

    I met my husband online in 1999, this was before online dating was popular. We started talking in July/August, I lived in North Carolina, he lived in upstate New York. He flew me to New York the day after hurricane Floyd hit here. I spent the night before hoping and praying the plane would still take off that morning. We spent the weekend together, I met his parents and did a lot of things that weekend I had never done before. After that weekend we had talked about me moving to New York to be with him, my grandfather, who was a preacher, heard about it and told me that if I went to live with him without being married I’d be disowned. So, we decided we wanted to get married. My mom gave us two dates, October 23 or 24, we picked the 23rd. That was over 13 years ago.

  7. nanners January 17, 2013 Reply

    Grew up together, lived across the street until I was 10 and his Dad was my pastor. :) He is 2 years younger, so I wasn’t interested in him. Moved out of state after HS. He graduated HS and went overseas for a deployment. I was 23, he was 21, and I came home to visit and he asked me out. 10 months later, I moved back to my home state and we married a year later.

  8. Rachel H. {@rachhabs} January 17, 2013 Reply

    I met Adam online too, thanks to Kaitlin! She was just starting to walk and some how deleted ALL of my buddies on AIM. {Saying buddies from AIM just made me feel so old!!} I thought I was sending an IM to a friend of mine but sent it to Adam instead. When I found out it wasn’t my friend I felt like a total idiot & wanted to not talk to him but he was super nice, super sweet and we became good friends. We were both dating other people at the time but we became good friends. We were friends for almost 3 years when he got an internship 45 mins from me. We started dating a few months before that, and got married 6 months after we started dating. It was a few years after we were married that we found a picture from a cross county race that we both ran in and were in the same group shot picture. He lived about 4 hours from me but was in my hometown every year for that race. We just didn’t meet until many years later!

    Every anniversary Kaitlin reminds us that we wouldn’t be celebrating if it wasn’t for her :)rachhabs

  9. Tahlia B. January 17, 2013 Reply

    I have never thought there was anything wrong with meeting a SO online. As long as both parties are honest, I think it’s a great way to get to know someone. The perk is when you meet and the sparks fly. Whereas if you meet in person first, the sparks can make you blind to all the other stuff.
    Tahlia B. recently posted..Green Mountain Coffee and Mug K-Cup Gift Tote $10 Shipped

  10. May January 17, 2013 Reply

    That is so funny that you ended up getting the all clear from the police since they ran your tags!
    May recently posted..Ornaments

  11. Kecia January 17, 2013 Reply

    My hubby and I met online as well – On MySpace! We talked for a couple of weeks before meeting at a local Dairy Queen, and we’ve been pretty much inseparable ever since. Next month will be seven years from that first “hanging out” session! :)
    Kecia recently posted..Healthy Toddler Snacks that are Yummy and ConvenientSGRcom

  12. Michelle Ayers January 17, 2013 Reply

    aww I love hearing how couples meet!

  13. Elle January 17, 2013 Reply

    I met my hubby through his sister who runs an animal shelter. I was volunteering and he came to visit her and she introduced us.
    Elle recently posted..Dreaming Of Books 2013Elleberra

  14. Jammie January 17, 2013 Reply

    I to met my husband online in 1999. He spammed me to his chatroom, we were both on webtv at the time, 6 months later he moved in with me, and the rest is history been together 13 years, married almost 7 and have two children if you count our doggy as one of our babies.
    Jammie recently posted..Round em Up Friday – 122

  15. Fawn Weaver January 18, 2013 Reply

    You are so right, internet dating was definitely not well-received 11 years ago. You two were well ahead of your time. And now it’s all the rage! As for how I met my husband, it was through his Mom! How funny is that. Maybe I should write a post on that this weekend. You’ve just inspired me :). Thanks for linking up, Darcy!
    Fawn Weaver recently posted..Keeping My Lens Clean & Link Up ThursdayHappyWivesClub

  16. Staci January 18, 2013 Reply

    Well, I met my hubby before the internet craze. ;) We met in high school and are still going strong over 21 years later. I love hearing how others met.
    Staci recently posted..Will You Marry Me or What?7onashoestring

  17. Clarinda January 19, 2013 Reply

    I met my hubby when I had to train him for our department at work. We started dating in Oct 2001, engaged in Dec 2001 and married in Oct 2002. We now have been married over 10 years and love each other more each day. It’s not perfect but I love him so much.
    Clarinda recently posted..5 things I hope I would be remembered forajewelinmaking

  18. Grady January 19, 2013 Reply

    Uh oh, you’ve hit upon my favorite topic – romance!

    My boyfriend and I met doing theatre – I was the stage manager for a production of “The Tempest” he was performing in. We got along well, but nothing special as I had a boyfriend at the time.

    Fast forward to six months later when we were both working on another show together (this time I was also performing) — total show-mance! Luckily, though, the love stuck around long after the show closed :)

    As far as meeting people online, I think it’s great! My best friend Devin and I met through messaging on facebook (we had a mutual friend, and the rest is history!) and we have hung out tons of times, talked on the phone, skype… nowadays it’s awesome to be able to make such great connections without distance being so much of a factor! I love it!gradybird

  19. Shary January 19, 2013 Reply

    I met my husband online, too. We didn’t quite work out, but he gave me a beautiful daughter and he and I are still a great parenting team. I’m happy for you and Brian. Success stories are always fun to read. :)
    Shary recently posted..You Need More Cats

  20. Kristi January 19, 2013 Reply

    I met my husband through a mutual friend. I have never met a man online before but I do have some wonderful virtual friends. Sounds like it was a blessing that you and your husband found each other!!
    Kristi recently posted..How To Find A Work At Home Jobmomsrbomb

  21. Create With Joy January 19, 2013 Reply

    Love your story and love that so many of your met your husbands online.
    Create With Joy recently posted..Friendship Friday – AutobiographyCreateWithJoy1

  22. Darwin January 19, 2013 Reply

    That is so sweet. I met a few of my ex boyfriends from online as well- and I think it is a very acceptable way of meeting people now compared to several years ago. What I don’t like are people going to Facebook and being “In Relationship” with people they still haven’t met in person. That’s weird.
    Darwin recently posted..I REVIEW: Montagne Jeunesse Face Masque

  23. Amy @ Marvelous Mommy January 19, 2013 Reply

    My husband and I also met online – MySpace actually! We have been together 5 years now. We ended up knowing some of the same people in real life so I was kinda surprised we didn’t meet before then. I do think meeting online has become more socially acceptable although I still hate telling people we met online when they ask! :-)

    Cute picture of y’all! Feel free to link up this post here too – http://www.marvelousmommy.com/2013/01/playing-outdoors-sooc-saturday-photography/
    Amy @ Marvelous Mommy recently posted..Playing Outdoors | SOOC Saturdaymmommie

  24. Sophia January 19, 2013 Reply

    My hubby and I met at Movie Gallery. I am not sure if there are too many of them around these days, but it’s a movie rental store. I am sure I rented twenty or thirty movies before he noticed me. Once I got his attention, we were inseparable. I thank God for him every day.

    Sophia recently posted..My Weekend Digstwenty5seasons

  25. Brandy Roberts January 19, 2013 Reply

    Loved your story. Ya’ll make a cute couple. I met my husband online as well through plentyoffish.com, lol. We’ve been married for 3 years now and he blessed me with a beautiful daugher.
    Brandy Roberts recently posted..Creating Profitable Mommy Blogs

  26. Kirsten Oliphant January 19, 2013 Reply

    What a fun story! Glad you guys ended up together despite the circumstances at first–sometimes real stuff works out even in the weird circumstances.
    Kirsten Oliphant recently posted..Bipolar Writing

  27. I met my husband waiting on him at a restaurant when he was hanging out with my boyfriend at the time. 21 years later we are still madly in love!!!
    Kelley @ Never a Dull Day in Poland recently posted..Just Trying to Keep My Sanity!

  28. LaVonne January 20, 2013 Reply

    I met my husband in college in a Subway parking lot. I thought he was stuck up. He was just shy. That was back in 1997. We were married in 1999 and I love him even more today!

    This is a fun little blog hop. I need to add my own post to that list you linked to. Thanks for sharing! I love that cute photo of you and Brian. You look so young!
    LaVonne recently posted..Shutterfly Photo Gifts and Cards: #Valentines Gifts Sweepstakeslongwait4bella

  29. Becca January 20, 2013 Reply

    Cool how things worked out for you and your husband! (And hello, fellow Wisconsinite!). I met my boyfriend at work. Amazing to look back and see how far God has brought us. :)

  30. Stacee January 20, 2013 Reply

    You were a pioneer! I had friends who met online way back when, and you are absolutely right, then we thought they were crazy. If a friend tells me now that she met a guy online I don’t bat an eyelash.
    Stacee recently posted..Reading Challenges for 2013staceelynn68

  31. Shelly January 20, 2013 Reply

    I met my husband in high school. Well he use to follow me around the school, he knew many of my friends but I never met him until he graduated, when he came to my house with a mutual friend to return an item. That was the first time I met him. It is funny we went to the same school for 3 years together but didn’t meet during that time. I guess it was just meant to be.
    Shelly recently posted..Goals for Week of 1/20

  32. Marjorie Dawson January 21, 2013 Reply

    Yes, you are right, back in the early 2000’s internet dating was not something many people felt they could do but you explored the unknown region and found pur gold! You look happy together and that makes me smile. This is a lovely story!

  33. Terri Babin January 22, 2013 Reply

    I’m so excited to have so many “familiar faces” on my Blogelina comment list, I’m having a blast stopping by so many amazing blogs!

    Darcy- I just have to say you have been such a great inspiration and mentor throughout my blogging journey :)

    What a neat story about how you met your husband, I think it’s always great when you can be “friends first”. I met my husband in 6th grade and we *hated* each other- he thought I was a “valley girl” and I thought he was “totally ghetto”. Fast forward to 10th grade and we were totally in love, started our family when I was 16 and he was 17 and will be celebrating 15 years together on 2/3/13!

    Eco-Crazy Mom
    Terri Babin recently posted..GMO Free 2013 Giveaway Hop- Win An Annie’s Superbowl Prize Pack! (Ends 2/10)EcoCrazyMom

  34. Dawn January 23, 2013 Reply

    Your post is funny, my husband used to say we met online. Which for the most part is true. I was a divorced single mom, ending one relationship when some mutual friends kept trying to set us up. He had moved into their house, so I dropped a little note off in the mailbox giving him my Yahoo ID. That night he instant messaged me, and he to had just ended a relationship- so neither of us was really ready to move on. He kept insisting that we meet the next day before he left for training for 2 weeks. We met, and from that point on we haven’t been apart except for short deployments, we celebrate 10 years since we met in Feb. Been married 8.5 years and have 3 wonderful kids together.
    Dawn recently posted..Share your memories with familydawns_delights

  35. Lynden Blossom January 24, 2013 Reply

    I’m happy for You (and the many others above!) that You found Love online! I tried that several years ago – many years after a long marriage and then divorce and a long time alone – but I met the Most Unacceptable Guys – many who lied on their profiles and then to my face! – So I’ve given up on that whole aspect in my life…sadly… But I’m happy for others – ;-}

    Lynden (here via Blogelina -)

    Lynden Blossom recently posted..‘100% Loveable’ Tag Card

  36. isis January 24, 2013 Reply

    I didn’t meet my husband online but our relationship flourished online. Our moms are best friends ad we were classmates in kindergarten. I never really thought of him as boyfriend material. He was just one of those guys who were best friends with my brother. When their family moved to California, that’s when he started calling me on the phone and chatting with me online. Long story short, we fell in love online, had a 5-year long distance relationship and eventually got married in 2010. It’s amazing how the internet can bring 2 people together!
    isis recently posted..Uncommon Customized iPhone Case Reviewbayareamommycom

  37. BE February 22, 2013 Reply

    I had a similar post a few months back about how I met my wife online back in 1994 – back when Prodigy was your main conduit to the interwebs and AOL was just an up-and-comer. When I tell people I met my wife online, they just shrug since it’s so commonplace now.
    BE recently posted..My Guilty Pleasure: Terrible Moviesbealittleweird

    • Darcy Zalewski February 23, 2013 Reply

      Oh AOL! That is awesome though :) Yeah it’s not even weird nowadays but boy was it judged a lot back then. I was already used to meeting kids from nearby cities through our BBS so it was always “normal” to me!DarcyZalewski

  38. christina May 7, 2013 Reply

    this is great! one of our couple friends met online, too. David and I definitely did a fair amount of getting to know each other online, even though we had already met =)
    christina recently posted..Are You Failing Enough? {Make It Work Monday}

    • Darcy Zalewski May 16, 2013 Reply

      That’s awesome that it helped you two connect further. While I know people can fake it online, I think it really is a great way to get to know people most of the time.DarcyZalewski

  39. JanetGoingCrazy July 22, 2013 Reply

    Howard and I met online as well – Yahoo Personals, actually. I wasn’t as smart as you, getting his chat name, and I still tease Howard that he owes me $24.95!
    JanetGoingCrazy recently posted..My Love/Hate Relationship with BloggingJanetGoingCrazy

    • Darcy Zalewski July 23, 2013 Reply

      Haha that’s awesome! Yahoo personals were awesome back in the day. I’m still amazed how many dates I went on without seeing a picture first though. Now I won’t even friend someone without a pic.DarcyZalewski

    • Darcy Zalewski July 23, 2013 Reply

      Oh not sure it was smart as much as broke ;)DarcyZalewski

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