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WW: Monkeyin’ Around the Potty

Sometimes Rissa does odd things with her toys. Intentional or no, I found this scene amusing and had to snap a picture. Earlier this week I asked our Facebook fans and friends to come up with a caption. Here are some of my favorites:

  • This is not in mind when I requested a water bed. – Susanna M
  • oh no, now i am going to smell like a funky monkey -Nancy C
  • “Well I thought it was a good hiding spot” – Rae G
  • Hey this it not where I go for time out -Christi H
  • I have a $hitty job! -Carolyn M
  • I’m Julius, I deserve a day at the spa. This isn’t quite the whirlpool I envisioned. -Jennifer K
  • If that’s what you are pooping maybe your diet needs to change? -Sara R
  •  yeah mom, when monkeys fly outta my butt!!! -Stephanie B

What caption would you give this picture?