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Next Step – Solids!

This week’s topic is about introducing solids.

A quick glimpse at who I am, in case this is your first visit:

About me: I’m Darcy, a part-time WAHM of a 4 month old girl. We’ve mostly been exclusively breastfeeding. Unfortunately my daughter had to have a few bottles of formula when we had a couple days of latch problems and I didn’t have a pump yet. Overall I’m loving the opportunity to be home and nursing her!

So, the doctor said once Rissa turned four months old we could discuss starting solids. At her four month check up at the beginning of March, he asked if I was ready to start her on solids. I was glad he asked rather than telling me.

But I wasn’t ready to start yet. He stated what I’d read already – that she can start anytime between four and six months and that her main nutrition will still be from breastmilk until she’s a year old.

I told him I wasn’t ready yet and wasn’t sure if she was ready yet.

I’m thinking around five months we’ll start. She’s starting to show interest in what I’m eating, but I’m just not sure. I don’t want to start too early or too late.

Do I have any worries about this next stage? Heck yeah.

I’m worried how it may affect our breastfeeding relationship and my supply. Oh, and about cleaning the transition poo out of her cloth diapers…

So, guess it’s time to check out rice cereal (organic, preferably)… then start the adventure into veggies and fruits… prepared by me!

Do you have any words of wisdom for me?


Friday 18th of March 2011

Sometimes I think I overthink these things when I need to trust more in my mommy instincts and Rissa's cues. I'm very interested in the babyled info though and hubby is open to it :)


Friday 18th of March 2011

I waited until 6 months with both of mine, and they were perfectly happy. They are both developing well and (in my humble "mothery" opinion!) probably even a bit advanced for their age. I nursed my first past her 12 month birthday and expect to do the same with my second (I'd love to share more details if you'd like--email me!). On the other hand, I know moms who introduced solids relatively early (about 4 months) and didn't BF until the first birthday and they also have happy, smart, well-adjusted babies. I think your baby helps you figure out the timing.

I am also in favor of starting with fruits and veggies. I think the rice cereal is just constipating. If you're replacing whole meals include some vitamins for your baby since the rice is fortified. Really though, you'll figure it out. I'm sure you'll find the perfect solution for you and your baby. ;)

Jen J - Life With Levi

Friday 18th of March 2011

I went through the same thing with Levi. I wasn't sure if I was ready, wasn't sure if he was ready. I knew it was time to start when he became more interested in our food while we were eating. He'd watch us intently, staring, like "um, why are't you sharing with me?"

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Thursday 17th of March 2011

My advice, don't rush it. I just posted about delaying solids and when to know when your baby is ready. And by the way, cereal is completely unnecessary. Nothing wrong with skipping it all together. And then when baby is ready, just start giving what you are having. Trust your instincts! You will know what is best for your little one.


Thursday 17th of March 2011

I totally miss the breastmilk poops! Well, as much as you can miss a poop, but seriously. I'll take that back any day of the week!

No need to rush. I think Judah was ready long before we started- he was always lunging at anything we were eating or drinking. Now he thinks he's just the king of the world when he sits at the table with us. Some days I still just BF all day though. I think he likes that just as much too.

I figure there is limited time on this nursing gig, why rush it away?