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5 Must-Have Breastfeeding Products for Nursing Moms

One of the most overwhelming parts about being a new mom is all of the baby gear. It’s not easy to figure out what you truly need because everything seems helpful. If you are planning to breastfeed, there are a few products I think every nursing needs to help her out. After nursing two children well into toddlerhood, these are the items I found the most helpful.

Expecting a new baby and planning to breastfeed? Check out these breastfeeding product recommendations from a two time nursing mom! Some of these items make great baby shower gifts too.

5 Breastfeeding Products for Nursing Moms

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There are lots of different products that are handy and aim to make breastfeeding a little more comfortable and easier. Some are very helpful and some I can do without. The following five picks are not brand specific. These are simply the things I couldn’t have done without in the beginning. My reliance on these lessened as I became more comfortable with nursing my babies, but if we were having a rough day… these are the things I turned to for support.

1 – A comfortable chair – It can be a glider, a rocker, or just a comfy chair. You want to be able to sit against the back for support, or be able to pad the back with a pillow. I don’t suggest a deep seat – the kind where you can’t bend your knee at the edge of the seat if you sit all the way back. I’m short, so this is often an issue I face. You’ll likely be here a lot, so you want it to be comfortable and supportive of your posture.

2 – A footstool – I started using a footstool while in the hospital with my first baby (thanks to whoever donated all of them!). I found the footstool made a huge difference in my breastfeeding posture, which cured the mid-back pain and strain I started to encounter. It raises your knees above your waist, keeping you from slouching forward. I prefer one like this adjustable nursing footstool.

3 – A firm pillow – Any kind to cushion your arm and/or elevate little one to your chest. Everyone I knew recommended a Boppy, so I bought one while pregnant with my first baby. It was OK, but I found it hard to get situated one handed. It also created a gap between my belly and the pillow which my daughter would sink into. I ended up using a pillow off our bed and have tried several other nursing pillows. My favorite breastfeeding pillow to fit my plus size belly is the My Brest Friend Deluxe Pillow.

4 – A supportive nursing bra – To hold the girls up and in, yet provide easy access at mealtime. I found having a supportive nursing bra or nursing cami to be essential for my comfort while establishing my milk supply. I actually preferred camis during the first few weeks because my breast size fluctuated so much. Thankfully it wasn’t as drastic with my second baby!

5 – A breast pump – Whether you need it to stock up, supplement, or just in case –  it’s good to have. A breast pump is a must if you will ever spend time away from your little one, which even I did on occasion. My pump was crucial to maintain my milk when my newborn forgot how to nurse temporarily. Check out our tips on how to pick a breast pump and storing breast milk in the freezer.

I hope these must-have breastfeeding products based on my nursing experiences help you with your breastfeeding journey. It’s important for you and baby to be comfortable and have the support you need.

Expecting a new baby and planning to breastfeed? Check out these breastfeeding product recommendations from a two time nursing mom! Some of these items make great baby shower gifts too.


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Italian Belly

Tuesday 28th of February 2017

I totally agree with n. 4 and n. 5. I also needed a footstool although I never bought one. It was always frustrating trying to find something to put my foot on so I wasn't hunching over. I would also add a breastfeeding cover for when you're out in public. In Italy, no one really has a problem if you breastfeed without a cover but I preferred it anyway.

Darcy Zalewski

Tuesday 28th of February 2017

A cover can help a lot of moms feel more comfortable. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

Laura O in AK

Friday 8th of July 2011

I'd add supportive spouse/partner and a phone number to call for help if you need it. Sometimes you just need someone to say it's all perfectly normal when you hit a small bump in the road.


Friday 8th of July 2011

I have a whole other post with overall tips for new bfing mamas that definitely includes support people... and a support post. :) This one I tried to keep to items though!


Friday 11th of March 2011

I waited on buying a nursing bra too. I was sooo uncomfortable without proper support those first weeks! @Jen - if I had to pump more, I'd figure out how to do it in bed too!

Jen - Life With Levi

Friday 11th of March 2011

I totally cheat and pump in bed. Supportive pillows and I get to have my feet up! When I was still trying to bf Levi, I didn't have a footstool, so I was always using the bottom of the coffee table for leverage.

Great stuff!


Friday 11th of March 2011

I can't second you enough on the nursing bra! I, for some insane reason, only bought one nursing bra. I wore that thing almost non-stop for ten months before the poor thing gave up.

The truth is, I followed the recommendations from friends and family not to buy bras until the baby was born (you don't know what size you'll end up needing until your milk comes in...). But, who has time to shop for bras with a newborn? I certainly didn't. Hence why I ended up with only on bra.

Anyway, long story short, my recommendation is to find a good one and buy three!