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Calling All Chocoholics! 14 Drool-Worthy Chocolate Dessert Recipes

My love of all things chocolate is genuine and pure. Now check out these drool-worthy desserts. Are you craving chocolate right now? If you aren't, you will be soon because I rounded up a bunch of chocolate dessert recipes that you don't want to miss. If you're lucky I'll let you lick


Drool-Worthy Desserts: 12 Holiday Pies to Send Your Taste Buds to Heaven

This recipe collection is sponsored by Foodie.com, a place to collect and organize recipes. I only added pies I want to eat! Check out 12 Heavenly Holiday Pies by Darcy Zalewski at Foodie.com Anyone who knows me knows I love sweets. They are definitely my weakness. And even though I tend to


Champagne Soaked Strawberries and 12 Drinks for Summer

This summer drink round up is sponsored by Foodie.com, a place to organize and collect recipes online. Check out 12 Summer Drinks by Darcy Zalewski at Foodie.com I love strawberries and I'm fond of champagne. I haven't drank very much in years, but when I do, it's all about enjoying the taste.


14 Recipes to Rock a BBQ Potluck

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Foodie.com; however, I selected the recipes for my collection. Enjoy! Summer is almost heeerrrreeee. Summer is ALMOST here. I don't care if spring as barely sprung. I'm used to a more gradual warm up, but this cold has been lingering way too long.


12+ Pasta Dishes for Sunday Dinner

This collection of Sunday dinner ideas is part of a compensated campaign for Foodie.com, where you can organize and collect recipes from around the web. When I was little, I remember going to my grandma's house sometimes for Sunday dinner. At the time, I didn't appreciate her pot roast. Maybe it's a


Big Game Party Food Recipes

I love football Sundays, especially when we are enjoying delicious food with friends and family while watching an intense game on tv. Even when our team doesn't make it to the Big Game, I look forward to hanging out, snacking and watching the commercials. (They are getting too hyped up now though,


A Lighter Taco Dip Recipe

I love taco dip. Every party needs taco dip. Not all dips are created equal, but most are quite delicious. I've even eaten it for lunch before. Nothing else, just taco dip bliss. Most of the time I'll buy a premade one at the store, or indulge in someone else's dish. For


Everybody’s Crazy About a Sharp Dressed Baby

This post is sponsored by Zulily and contains affiliate links because I shop there too much! Okay, not too much… I love good discount sites so I adore Zulily. Even though they carry some women's items, I mostly shop there for the kids. About a month ago I bought Rissa some really


Family Holiday Photos to Treasure

Growing up, we didn't do family portraits. I used to consider it expensive and something only “well off” families do. Plus, I love candid shots. Portraits seem so stiff and unnatural and stress inducing. My perception back then may have been misguided. Sure, it wasn't an expense we could afford on a


Why I Hope My Daughter Never Gets Fat

“Aren't you glad you lost enough weight to fit into that pretty dress?” said my grandmother as she snapped pictures before my first prom. I was thankful my date hadn't arrived yet to hear her double edged remark. If only she knew it was because I was skipping most of my meals.