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14 Recipes to Rock a BBQ Potluck

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with; however, I selected the recipes for my collection. Enjoy!

Summer is almost heeerrrreeee. Summer is ALMOST here. I don’t care if spring as barely sprung. I’m used to a more gradual warm up, but this cold has been lingering way too long. We’re now into May which means (consistent) warmer weather is on it’s way to Wisconsin very soon. (And it better arrive before mid-June!)

One of my favorite things about summer is the cookouts. The backyard barbecues. Or, in our case, the driveway BBQ. I love whipping up a couple dishes, gathering up some friends and enjoying food and company in the warm sunshine.

Mmm, yes, grilled meat, pasta salads, chips and beer go great with all that. Don’t you think? Oh and fruit salads. Can’t forget the fruit salads!

While I don’t mind hosting a cookout for friends and family, they are always tastier potluck-style. Everyone shares the food load and you get to sample a variety of dishes. Never assume someone else’s bacon ranch pasta salad is going to taste exactly like yours. Then there are all the dips, corn on the cob and dessert. Can’t forget dessert.

Looking through this collection makes me hungry, but I can’t wait to enjoy them throughout the summer. You may notice steak is missing from my BBQ potluck recipe collection. Everyone already knows steak is the king of the grill. And, a lot of people have their personal seasoning or marinade preference. I did include a chicken marinade recipe I found and want to try.

What’s your favorite dish to bring to a cookout potluck? What’s your favorite thing to eat at a backyard BBQ?

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