TTC Journal: I’m Ovulating Regularly Again!

Ever since I can remember, my periods have been mostly irregular except while on birth control. Of course, being on the Pill in order to have a regular cycle doesn't help anyone get pregnant…

Last month I shared with you about my love/hate relationship with Aunt Flo, but that I was excited to menstrate two months in a row. Well guess what?

Now it's three months in a row!

I can't help but be excited because it's been years since my period has arrived three months in a row. Maybe my body is finally back on track? And… It's just in time to start trying for number 2!

Hopefully it means I'll continue to ovulate regularly. And maybe we'll see baby 2 in less than three years. Maybe by the end of this year?

I'll keep you updated on our TTC journey. Wish I had journaled more during the three years we tried for Rissa.

Who else is trying to conceive right now?


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