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When we were having trouble trying to conceive, one of the first tests my OB-GYN ordered was a sperm count analysis for hubs. It made sense to me because if his swimmers were not doing their share of the work, then that would be an easier problem to tackle. I mean, trying to figure out what's going on with a woman's body is complex and there are so many variables, you know? Well, he was a good sport. Plus, I'd already gone through various bloodwork.

I felt kind of bad for him… it turns out giving a sample is not nearly as fun as they make it out to be in movies and television shows. No, I guess it's basically him, the cup, and a doctor's office bathroom. The instructions said you could produce a sample at home, but then it had to stay a certain temperature and arrive within a certain amount of time after collection. That option was out mostly because the appointment was at least 20 minutes away.

It was impersonal, embarrassing, and lacking (in)appropriate assisting materials. And totally on demand at an appointed time.

If he could have done it at his convenience in the privacy of our home, I think it would have been a better set up. Well, too bad SpermCheck Fertility wasn't around back then! You know, I'm not real surprised they've developed a screening kit for men to use at home. After all, they have kits for women to use for everything: fertility, ovulation, and pregnancy. Certainly it's not able to provide a diagnosis, but it can help provide information for the doctor and help rule out swimmer population concerns.

Here is some information to share with you about the SpermCheck Fertility at home test for men:

Planning to get pregnant soon and want to prepare? Trying to get pregnant and having issues? Introducing SpermCheck® Fertility, the fast, accurate, affordable, at-home sperm count test for men, now available online from

Each year 11 million couples will try to have a baby, but about 7 million of those couples will have fertility issues and the most commonly accepted myth is that the woman is mostly to blame. The fact is that about 50% of all infertility problems are directly attributed to the male, and most of them are mainly due to low sperm count. Still many men are reluctant to get their sperm tested because up until now they had to go to their healthcare provider and perform the test in the doctor’s office or lab. Such laboratory sperm tests can be costly, as well as embarrassing.

Now with a new at-home test kit called SpermCheck® Fertility, men can test their sperm count in the privacy of their home. SpermCheck Fertility is the only FDA approved, 98% accurate home test for men – it’s as accurate as a lab test but more affordable and convenient. In just 10 minutes, the easy-to-read results indicate a normal or below normal sperm count. The SpermCheck® Fertility test costs substantially less than a visit to the doctor without the embarrassment and indignities of providing a semen sample to a doctor or nurse.

Experts agree that a sperm count test should be the very first and essential step in fertility testing for couples – it’s non-invasive and can help eliminate or identify a potential stumbling block to conception. Whether you are planning a pregnancy in the near future or have been trying to conceive, this inexpensive home test can help couples to save time, money and frustration.

Why SpermCheck® Fertility?

  • SpermCheck® Fertility FDA approved
  • SpermCheck® Fertility is as accurate as lab testing – 98% accurate
  • SpermCheck® Fertility is private and convenient – done in the privacy of your own home
  • SpermCheck® Fertility is affordable —just $39.99
  • SpermCheck® Fertility is fast and easy – provide easy to read results in 10 minutes

SpermCheck® Fertility is currently available online at and will be available in Walgreens stores nationwide in April 2012. Suggested retail price is $39.99. for more information about SpermCheck® Fertility, visit

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