Time To Balance Lots Of Doctor Appointments….

All the superduper extra monitoring is about to start.

Just for a bit o' background info so you don't have to try and dig through past posts: I'm 28.5 weeks now and was diagnosed with GD at 15 weeks. They suspect possible Type 2 (T2) that was undiagnosed (but I honestly don't think that's the case due to previous testing I'd had done pre-pg.. although I was “borderline” for a period of time. First A1C (blood test that shows average blood sugar level for past 90 days) came back normal (5.5))

Thursday I had my A1C drawn again to make sure things look good although I keep being told my blood sugar (BS) levels are looking good and I'm controlling it well (on insulin). Had growth ultrasound on Thursday as well. Babygirl is weighing 2lbs 15oz and is in the 64th percentile – so looking good there too. Late in the afternoon on Friday, I received the results for my latest A1C… 5.2!! Lower than it was last time and I was told this was excellent.

Unfortunately, my blood pressure was high on Thursday and it hasn't been before. Had bloodwork drawn to see if it's pre-eclampsia.

(No protein in my urine though!)  I won't get those results until Monday or Tuesday. Apparently having gestational diabetes puts me at a higher risk to develop pre-eclampsia. That's basically having high blood pressure and usually develops in the 3rd trimester. The only cure is to deliver. High blood pressure levels can be dangerous for the baby and generally results in bedrest. I'm not showing any other symptoms of it, so hopefully Thursday was just an off day for me. I've never had problems with high blood pressure before… so keep your fingers crossed for me!

While I definitely understand extra monitoring is needed and want the best for my babygirl… trying to juggle all these multiple appointments with work so that I don't have to use paid time off (PTO: sick/vacation) is going to be… tricky. I need to save the PTO for my maternity leave if I want to receive an income during my 12 unpaid weeks. (And believe me, I don't have enough PTO to cover the entire 12 weeks so I really don't want more unpaid time if I can help it.)

I have to see my OB again next week. And once I hit 32 weeks, I have to go in twice a week for Biophysical profile (BPP) and Non-stress test (NST). Every 4 weeks will have a growth u/s along with the BPP. Or, I'll be going in for NSTs twice a week. The doctors need to talk amongst themselves before my appointment next Thursday to make up their minds. This is one of the downfalls of being monitored by a high-risk OB AND being monitored by the Maternal Fetal Medicine department at the hospital I'll be delivering at.

I'm going to do my best to flex my time (I'm salary) to avoid using PTO. The BPPs have been scheduled to occur at 8am (Work office opens at 8:30am) on Mondays so that will help a bit…if I end up needing to go to the hospital each week for them. And that's the other part of my struggle right now. The BPPs would be at the hospital while the NSTs would be at my OB's office. The hospital is closer to where I work so there'd be less travel time and they can usually get me in first thing in the morning.

Somehow, I'll make it work.

Do any of you have experience with juggling multiple appointments as you enter the homestretch? What did you find worked best for you?


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