Things I’m Fearful Of As A First Time Mom

It's normal to have worries and fears throughout pregnancy. Especially as a first time mom, there's a lot of unknowns out there. I do know that some of the things I'm fearful of or worry about are out of my control, some are in my control, and most things will work out just fine.

But… I can't help but think about them here and there.

Especially when I'm having an emotional roller coaster of a day. Sometimes it comes out of seemingly no where!

I developed this list when responding to a thread in one of the birthclub groups I'm a part of on Babycenter. It felt kinda good to put the list “in writing” so these fears aren't just aimlessly bouncing around in my head.

I'm afraid I'll struggle with breastfeeding.

I'm afraid of any risks and complications associated with me having gestational diabetes and how it could negatively affect babygirl.

I'm afraid I'll be laid off around the time I start my leave which will mean I can't use sick time to pay for most of it and also means Aflac short term disability won't kick in (contract is up at that time so depends on all that stuff).

I'm afraid we won't be able to afford daycare and that I will have to settle for one that makes me nervous.

I'm afraid I won't want to go back to work but won't be able to afford being a SAHM.

I'm afraid of SIDS.

I'm afraid I'll back off too much in an effort to not appear OVER protective and someone will do something stupid that will hurt her – like drop her on her head or something.

I'm afraid that I'll pick and choose the least effective combination of advice and methods. There is SO much information out there on how to care for a baby; how to feed them; how to get them to sleep; how to respond to them…. and a lot of conflicting information. But even conflicting information doesn't really sound like one way is harmful or better than another. It's a lot to sort through.

I'm afraid… I am going to stop my list there.


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