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Because Prompts are Fun #16 – Mom

Last week we explored some food related goodness such as recipes and foods from our childhood. This week’s prompts are dedicated to motherhood since there’s a special holiday coming up. That’s right, Mother’s Day is right around the corner on May 12th. So whether you are a mother or have a mother


Because Prompts are Fun #15 – Food!

Doing so much reading and buying of books to read and moving that pile of books around really works up an appetite. Okay, maybe not, but I panicked when I tried to segue between last week’s theme and this week. Anyway, as the weather (finally!) warms up we start gearing up for


Because Prompts are Fun #12 – Procrastination

You know what’s ironic? I had this post about the procrastination prompt done early. I’m not going to lie – a lot of my posts are written during the witching hour, hot on the tail of a deadline. Sometimes that deadline is my own bed on our content calendar, and sometimes it


Because Prompts are Fun #11 – Funny

Every year I try to think up something clever to do for an April Fools Day prank on the blog, but I haven’t been able to pull it off since the time I had my cat post about playing World of Warcraft on our gaming blog. I get hung up on it not


Because Prompts are Fun #10 – Celebrating Spring

Can you believe it is actually spring? It was snowing again yesterday so I’m not quite feeling it yet. I had a nice taste of it while in Texas last week though! One thing about going to a conference and being inspired is it fills up my brain for a few days.


Because Prompts are Fun #9 – Inspiration Intervention

Ever get inspiration block? It hides your creativity and muse from you without leaving a ransom note. You notice it missing precisely at the moment you go to use it. It’s gone. The mojo. The driving force behind whatever medium you create with: words, food, clothes, paint… I’m an ideas person, but


Because Prompts are Fun #8 – Lucky Luck

We are almost through March already which means Saint Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. Being part Irish I get to tell people to kiss me and rub my hair for good luck. Oh wait, the hair bit was for Trolls, wasn’t it? Not Leprechauns? Regardless, there’s this rumor going around


Because Prompts are Fun #7 – Disappointment

After last week’s discussion about cabin fever I am very disappointed that we are supposed to get several more inches of snow tomorrow. That is not helping! Anyway, this week we are going to help you with some more therapeutic blogging. I know I have a confession to make that fits perfect


Because Prompts are Fun #6 – Cabin Fever

I’ve got a fever but it won’t be fixed with more cowbell. Winter in Wisconsin tends to keep me more cooped up, especially with a newborn. I suspect others may be itching for spring too. Since blogging is an excellent therapeutic outlet, we figured it help all of us to talk about


Because Prompts are Fun #5 – Guilt

Last week everyone pretty much decided to dig into their music libraries to share a variety of love songs. There was even a Rickroll or two. (I was totally kidding about the Beibs, scout’s honor). It was fun seeing everyone’s picks! This week’s theme is GUILT. Pick a prompt (or two if

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