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WW: Snack in a Box!

Rissa found a new way to enjoy snack time… She wanted me to join her. Bless her heart that she still thinks I can fit into a box. Can you caption this? Have a great rest of your week!


WW: My Happy Little Helper

While she does her share of pushing my buttons, Rissa is also a pretty good helper for me. We know I need it right now!


WW: Playing With Our New Camera

I mentioned in my last pregnancy update that we bought a new camera for an early present to ourselves. Both Brian and I have been having fun taking pictures with it. So far we are still total newbies with it and using only basic functions, but we are loving the picture quality


WW: Playing in the Leaves

I can no longer deny that it is fall with the leaves changing colors and falling to the ground. This was the first year Rissa got to really enjoy playing in them! She tried to rake them, threw them, and jumped in the pile. She even tried to bury her daddy in


WW: Napping in the Ball Pit

This week’s featured caption is… This what it must be like in a gumball machine… – Tonya What would you caption this? I can’t even think of anything witty! LOL


WW: Monkeyin’ Around the Potty

Sometimes Rissa does odd things with her toys. Intentional or no, I found this scene amusing and had to snap a picture. Earlier this week I asked our Facebook fans and friends to come up with a caption. Here are some of my favorites: This is not in mind when I requested


WW: Mail Me to Gramma!

I posted this picture on my Facebook fanpage and asked for captions… here are some of my favorites: There were several variations of “mail to gramma” which werejust too stinkin’ cute. Print out a shipping label, Mommy! I’m ready to visit Grandma! – Laurel Surprise! Special delivery! – Kathy So you mean


WW: My Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades


WW: If You Give a Toddler a Camera Phone…

You get a ton of pictures like these…


WW: The Many Faces of My Toddler

All in the span of a few seconds…

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