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Second Baby Adjustment Tips For Older Siblings

We’ve experienced the highs and lows of introducing a second baby into our home. These second baby adjustment tips for older siblings are simple ways to make the transition work better for you and both of your children. This is especially helpful when kids are so young and don’t understand all of


Wife Guilt, Becoming a SAHM Plus 3 More – It’s a BabyZone Round Up!

How did it get to be Tuesday already? Flying home on a Monday makes it seem like it’s still the weekend. I was seriously confused when Rissa asked if I was taking her to gymnastics after I got home. I was like… wha? Not until… Oh. Right. So, yeah, I was out of


Is Rissa Ready for a New Sibling? [Video]

Later I’ll share more about how we helped prepare our toddler for a new sibling, but right now I want to focus on her thoughts as we get closer to the arrival of the new baby. Overall, Rissa has seemed open to the idea of a new baby. She loves babies (especially


ANNOUNCEMENT: The Final {Baby} Countdown

*This is a sticky post. Scroll down to see new ones, please!* [UPDATE 12/9/12] Our son arrived on 12/8/12! I wanted to give you all a quick update. If you’ve been following along with my pregnancy updates, then you know that I’m due with our second child on 12/6/12. Based on my


My Countdown to Baby #2 Checklist

You’d think I’d be ultra prepared for a second child, right? Since Rissa was born 10 days before her due date, I pretty much am looking at baby boy’s arrival being between 38-40 weeks. That’s only 4-6 weeks left! Now… Don’t laugh, but I made this list over a month ago and I


Reasons Why I Love Del Monte Fruit Cups

I suck at eating veggies, but I love fruit! Thankfully so does my daughter. While I prefer fresh fruit whenever possible, there are times prepackaged fruit comes in handy… You know, for those days I’m really busy or just lazy. Nothing wrong with indulging in a little convenience now and again, am


Safe Eating and Choosing Supplements While Pregnant

I used to think that getting pregnant meant a free-for-all on food. Since I like food, I looked forward to the day I could use the excuse “I’m eating for two!” and have an extra helping of dessert. When I became pregnant with my daughter, I quickly learned through reading and research


September Sprinkles Mom & Baby Event Sponsors!

Our September Sprinkles Mom and Baby Event is almost here! We are so happy to be bringing this to you along with our due date buddy, Emily of Our Knight Life! Starting tomorrow through the end of this event you’ll see a variety of products for mom and baby featured. From September


Party and Event Highlights From My Time in NYC for BlogHer ’12

I want to first say that the parties and events I’m going to talk about were not official conference activities. They occurred off site while I was at the conference, but they were not associated or affiliated with the BlogHer ’12 conference in anyway. It’s been a month since I returned from


The True Tales From the Nursery Blog Birth Story

I’ve shared before about why I started Tales From the Nursery and how I came up with the name, but up until now, I’ve left out the real driving force behind why I started it. It’s nothing bad (how could starting this blog be bad?), but I want to share it with

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