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This One Time… I Got a Detention

This one time in elementary school, I got detention. It was the only time I ever got it. Since it happened at least 20 years ago (gulp) parts of it are very clear while other details are quite fuzzy. I can’t quite remember what grade I was in at the time, but


Taking Away Birthday Cake and Other Tough Mom Decisions

I had to take away birthday cake on my daughter’s birthday. No amount of tears could make me change my mind, even as I silently doubted myself internally. Rissa just turned two years old. I know there isn’t a magic switch that turns on the “terrible twos” and sometimes I question if


The Mommy Mindset: Toddler Discipline

Unfortunately I missed out on this chat discussion, but still wanted to share it with all of you! I have been thinking more about toddler discipline since Rissa is soooo curious but doesn’t listen very well. I know she has to learn to listen and I know repetition in key, but sometimes

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