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How To Create Free Baby Shower Invitations

Everyone wants to make sure their baby shower is budget friendly, and our tips for how to create free baby shower invitations are going to be just what you need! There are so many fun ideas for making baby shower invitations without spending a ton of money, but I especially love the


5 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Are you looking for unique baby shower gift ideas? I absolutely love finding the perfect gift for someone and seeing how delighted they are, especially when it is an uncommon gift. When it comes to picking out presents, it truly is the thought that counts, but it feels wonderful to give someone


The Best Part About Baby Showers

This is a sponsored story. The best part about baby showers is celebrating a baby. Forget the gifts and sweets for a moment. After trying to conceive for three years, having a baby shower for Rissa  meant so much to me. It meant she was finally coming to join us. Then it


Redecorating the Nursery With Winnie the Pooh

Once I knew we were adding a boy to our family, I pondered about redecorating the nursery. Both kids will be sharing its space at least for a little while. It didn’t feel right to just leave it as is – decorated for Rissa. I wanted to find something both kids would


7 A.M. Enfant Baby Shield Giveaway! (US/CAN) 8/24 #babyshower

I loved having a cozy cover for Rissa when she was a newborn, but we only had on for her infant car seat. It would have been nice to have one like this to use for walks in the winter. Instead I tried to wrap her in blankets and bundle her up


Win a Playtex Gift Basket & $100 Babies R Us GC! (Canada Only!) 8/24 #babyshower

Playtex has a nice variety of baby items. We liked their straw trainer cups for when Rissa was little. And my favorite store to visit? Babies R Us! This is a great giveaway for my Canadian readers because it’s only open to you! (I know, I’ve neglected you lately with so many


Win a $100 Touch Thermometers Prize Pack (US/CAN) Ends 8/24 #babyshower

It’s amazing the advancements made in taking our temperature. No longer do we have to poke and prod our sick babies in the most uncomfortable places! Prize: $100 Touch Thermometer Prize Pack that includes 2 MothersTouch, 1 TempleTouch and a Mini Temple thermometer Eligibility: US and Canada (please check the terms at the bottom


5 Features I Love About the Fisher-Price Fastfinder Deluxe Messenger Diaper Bag

If there’s one thing I kind of feel bad about at times, it’s making my husband carry my flowery diaper bag. Or sending him off to get something out of the bag, but he has no clue where to find it… especially when my directions suck. I know right where it is


$500 Gift Card for The Children’s Place Giveaway #babyshower 7/24-8/24

When there’s a new baby on the way, clothes shopping is probably my favorite thing to do. Of course, right now I’m hesitant to buy anything until my next ultrasound. I want a little more certainty than my 20 week ultrasound tech could give me before making purchases! Doesn’t mean I won’t


How a New Car Seat Made Road Trips Enjoyable Again

Until the past month or so, road trips have not been very fun with my daughter. In fact, I started to dread them a bit. When she was an infant in the infant carrier car seat, she would do okay, but needed out frequently to nurse. That was understandable on some level,

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