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Checking Out Maternity Fashions at Small Concept

If there’s one thing I learned about being pregnant … it’s that there are fashionable maternity clothes out there. You just have to know where to find them! Ling gone are the days of frumpy and bulky maternity wear. We are pregnant and already feeling big as a whale. I am not


Lovely Knits Hats are Fashionable Year Round

I’ve shared before about how my toddler loves hats. She’s definitely more interested in accessories than I am. Then again, she looks cute in everything whereas I do not. (It’s okay, I’ve mostly come to terms with it.) Her favorite still seems to be hats! We have moved beyond her ear flapped


These Are Old Navy’s BEST-TEES Yet!

I’ve shopped Old Navy off and on over the years. In store it can get frustrating because most locations do not carry their plus size collection. At least I can shop that and their maternity selection online! Most of my maternity clothes were bought at Old Navy and I kept nearly all


I Found the Cutest Easter Dress for Rissa! #MyHartstrings

Last year we didn’t buy a special Easter dress for Rissa. Instead, I tortured her with a lamb costume. Do you remember this? That was back when she actually held still for pictures most of the time! This year I wanted to get her a nice dress and a new pair of


Adorable Clothing for Little Kids at Lucky Puppy Apparel!

It’s starting to warm up so I’m excited to look ahead at summer dresses for RissaBoo. Even though we are a cat household, I do like dogs too. I had dogs most of my life while living with my parents, but haven’t had one live with me since going away to college.


Do You Have a Fashion Forward Toddler?

Are kids born with a sense of fashion or is that a skill we acquire over time? I am completely serious in my question because I don’t know! I feel like I have a basic grasp on what looks okay but I do not think of myself as fashion savvy. Some trends


Fashion Baby Clothes | Taylor Joelle Designs Review & Giveaway (US/CAN) 2/26

Looking for trendy fashion baby clothes? You’ll want to check out Taylor Joelle Designs! They specialize in stylish baby boutique items such has leggings, ties, hats, and diaper covers at reasonable prices. They accept several payment options (Google checkout, credit cards, and PayPal), which I like! They offer free shipping for orders


Dressing Up for the Holidays With the Tea Collection {Review}

We have plenty of holiday gatherings to attend and Miss Riss needs to be dressed to the nines! I had one cute little Christmas outfit for her last year but no one really saw it since she slept through most of it. This year she’ll be awake and in pictures. Looots of


Bobiam Streetwear Review & Giveaway (US) 12/29 closed

I wish I could draw. I really do. I feel like I have a lot of talents, but drawing is not one of them no matter how hard I try! If you are looking for something different… something a little edgy like streetwear, you might want to check out Bobiam. What really


I Love the Prices at Cookies Kids! #LuvCookies #Cbias

Since it hasn’t snowed here by me yet (weird, really) I keep denying that it’s winter in Wisconsin. Rissa isn’t sprouting as fast as she was so she’s not growing out of her 12 month sized clothes yet, but she’s mostly wearing short sleeves and dresses. I can’t keep dressing her in

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