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Rissa’s 3rd Birthday Party Highlights

The birthday week is finally over! It was fun, but I’m wore out. And per usual…things didn’t go entirely to plan. BUT we made the best of it and our last minute changes worked out just fine in the end. On Rissa’s actual birthday she received 3 presents from us. She especially


This is Three – Happy Birthday, Rissa!

Dear Rissa, Today is your birthday and it’s the first year you’ve really gotten into it (probably because you are three now). Three. I can hardly believe it. This sweet little baby we brought home from the hospital has grown into a little girl. Fierce. Independent. Stubborn. Curious. Creative. Loud. Messy. Loving.


Princess Crowns and Mermaid Tails… It’s a Rissa Update!

Rissa is now 33 months old. That sounds a bit weird. I counted her age by months until she turned “almost 2.”  Then she was just “2 years old” until she turned “2 and a half.”  Now I will say 2 and a half or “nearly 3.”  Not sure why I feel


Baby Kisses are the Best

I remember the first time I received a baby kiss. It was soft, wet and it made my heart melt. Wasn’t even my baby. Unfortunately, I can’t remember who it was since that was many, many years ago. But now I have my own baby kisses to enjoy. The first time I


Rissa Pretends to Be Me and Shows Off Her Somersault Skills [VIDEO]

Okay the title sounds a little weird, doesn’t it? Rissa is not pretending to be me while doing somersaults, but she thinks it’s funny to take over the video intro and claim to be Darcy. We are like a comedy team for a few seconds there. Me: What’s your name? Her: Darcy!


WW: Snack in a Box!

Rissa found a new way to enjoy snack time… She wanted me to join her. Bless her heart that she still thinks I can fit into a box. Can you caption this? Have a great rest of your week!


What My Kid Does That Drives Me Crazy [Video]

I love my kids, but as my daughter grows into her strong personality there are some things she does that drives me crazy. Nutters. Completely bonkers. Sometimes she literally rubs me the wrong way. Have you had anyone try to just rub the webbing between your thumb and finger for more than


WW: My How My Daughter Has Grown in 2 Years

2 years… It seems like only yesterday that we were bringing her home from the hospital on the scariest drive of our life, which then turned into the longest night of our life. I was nervous and confident all at the same time as I let my intuition guide me in parenting


Sharing Birthdays

Like anybody does, it’s always fun to see who you share a birthday with. We got to do it again when Xander was born on December 8th. It’s funny. Aerissa is so dramatic and outgoing, and she shares her birthday with a lot of actors and actresses. Xander shares his birthday with


WW: Comparing Newborn Photos

I’ve been sharing a few pics of baby Xander on Twitter and Facebook and have lots more to come. It’s been hard to get a chance to get on our actual computers so the pictures on the “good camera” haven’t been transferred yet. I have only been able to share ones taken

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