Spring is Near

It's so close, I can almost smell it! This weekend was pretty nice for February in Wisconsin. Sunday got to be about 45 degrees out. We took advantage of the warmer weather and finally got to use our stroller!

We took a nice walk with Rissa. It was much needed. I like not having to work outside the home, but I hate being cooped up due to cold and snow. I've been yearning for nice weather to go for walks… the park… anything that doesn't require bundling up so we can't put our arms down.

Let's get outta here, Mom!

Rissa seemed to like it. At least, she didn't cry at all while we were out. Granted, it wasn't a super long walk. Nothing like the walks we went on while I was pregnant with her, but it was a start. We needed to get out of the house!

When I was pregnant with her, we walked about a mile every evening after dinner. I've really missed those walks. This spring and summer, you can count on us hitting the walk/bike trail near our house a LOT!

I'm planning to mix it up a bit – sometimes with the stroller and sometimes wearing Rissa in our Ergo carrier.

The rest of this week is supposed to be in the 40s. It looks like Thursday could reach almost 50! I just hope it doesn't get super cold again next week. This week is going to spoil us otherwise!

What about you? Are you getting spring fever?


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