Snuzzle Me {7-in-1 Baby Cover} Review & Giveaway (Closed)

One thing I've noticed since having my daughter is all the STUFF we lug around. Frankly, it gets to be a real pain. I'm more and more interested in multi-functional items. I want to pack smarter, not pack more! There are so many products I've accumulated too: car seat covers, high chair covers, stroller shades, nursing covers… So many different covers. Wouldn't it be grand if just ONE cover did all these things?

Let me introduce you to the Snuzzle Me by Splendipity! It is a multi-functional product. A 7-in-1 product that you can use throughout baby's first year and beyond! It serves as a infant carrier cover, high chair cover, swing cover, stroller cover, nursing cover, and car seat shade. It is organic (OekoTex certified), reversible, and has UV protection.

This cover of all covers was created by a mom. She knows the plight of filled diaper bags and lugging around a gazillion things every time you leave the house with baby. Splendipity's mission is to do good for the environment and others. 3% of all their sales goes to Children's Charities.



I was surprised at the amount of material when I removed it from the package. It's basically in a circular shape so there aren't any corners. It is very soft! I can tell it would be nice and cozy for covering an infant carrier. while the Snuzzle Me is simple to use, I was a little confused the first time I used it to cover a high chair. (We know how disgusting restaurant high chairs are!)  I figured out that she needed to have her legs go through the center opening and I had to bring the buckles through there. Depending on the type of chair, the buckles are the hardest part.

Rissa is too big for the infant carrier, but I am using it to cover swings and high chairs. It's totally usable as a nursing cover – I just haven't needed to use it for that yet. And the swings – covering there is not just about germs – it's about protecting baby from the hot seat! I'm glad the Snuzzle Me is useful for older babies as well as newborns!

Since it is made to fit a wide variety of uses, it doesn't always fit snugly though. The back and sides of high chairs sometimes slip down, but it's no worse than the cover I have that is specifically designed to cover the chair. I do wish it was easier to fold. I think I'll need some sort of stuff sack since it's too bulky to go IN the diaper bag. Instead I pretty much keep it in the backseat of the car. I'd like to carry it differently, but it's usually just draped over my arm.

Final thoughts:  Not only do I recommend this product to you, but I recommend that Bella & Boo (an online shop run by a local mama), Aurora Hospital (they have a green one near me!), and Sandbox Lane (love this shop!) carry this product. I know it might seem expensive at the current price of $50, but it's worth it. Think of how much it costs to buy all those covers separately… plus it's organic! This really is a worthwhile baby product and would make a great baby shower gift!

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