Seeking Healthy Motivation Mojo

I lost it. I lost my motivation mojo. You would think my workout routine would be basically habit by now, but no. I slowly back pedaled.

I could blame the kids.

I could blame stress.

I could blame Brian for “letting” me skip.

I could blame being sick (but only for this past week).

I could blame my doctor for giving me three weeks to eat whatever I want.

But all I have to blame is myself. Though the doctor’s orders sorta let me give myself permission to get lax. But I was looking for excuses because it is hard. It is hard work…. And I seem afraid to truly commit to a lifestyle change. I thought I’d gotten past that but clearly I have not.

Last week I didn’t even post an update because I didn’t want to tell you that once again I only did 1 or 2 workouts. And again say I’d do better “next” week.

Apologies are not encouraging, motivating or inspirational. And it’s not good modeling behavior for my kids. It’s not.

So what’s my problem? I don’t really know. I mean aside from needing to indulge less it is not a bad plan overall. Am I scared? Lazy? Incapable?

Maybe to the first two – no to the last.

Have any of you faced this? The struggle to truly commit after a few weeks to a month of trying to be more healthy?


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