Baby Safety Product Review: Kid-E-Cover Outlet Cover

Rissa keeps reminding me that she's going to be moving around soon, which means we really need to work on baby-proofing our house! Safety is a must for curious little ones. Since this is an area we are focusing on in our home, I was happy to review a safety outlet cover, Kid-E-Cover, by Elicole LLC.

Kid-E-Cover by Elicole LLC – Product Photo

The Kid-E-Cover was created by a single father who wished to keep his two daughters safe, and wants to help the rest of us keep our little ones safe as well.

The cover comes with simple instructions and a screw to install it. I figured I would use it in the nursery, since Rissa's room definitely needs to be a safe place for her to play!

To access the outlet, you pull the side lever out. Once you let go, it automatically closes. If you yank the plug out, it automatically closes. It replaces the need for additional outlet cover plugs, adding a safety feature to the outlet cover itself. It doesn't open too easily, so little fingers can't easily open it. I think it will protect Rissa from sticking her fingers or things in the outlet because it would require her to hold the lever open while trying to stick something in it – a fair amount of effort and coordination.

Before & After

(The before picture was with the light off since it wasn't plugged in)

I like it because I won't have to worry about her figuring out how to remove a plug cover or forgetting to cover it. And, I won't have to worry about the outlet being exposed if she pulls the plug out.

My cover isn't flush to the wall due to our outlet box sticking out a bit. Overall, I think it's a great product and it is still installed in the nursery!

The Good: Keeps your outlets safe all the time!

Suggestion for improvement: It only comes in one color. Options would be nice to fit any decor.

Interested in purchasing Kid-E-Covers for your home? They currently cost about $15 for 5 covers. You can also purchase them wholesale to sell in your store. Buy them on!

*FTC Disclosure: I received this product free of charge by the company or PR representative in order to conduct my review. I was not financially compensated for this post. The thoughts, experiences, and opinions included are entirely my own and may differ from that of others.


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