Rissa Pretends to Be Me and Shows Off Her Somersault Skills [VIDEO]

Okay the title sounds a little weird, doesn't it? Rissa is not pretending to be me while doing somersaults, but she thinks it's funny to take over the video intro and claim to be Darcy. We are like a comedy team for a few seconds there.

toddler humor

Me: What's your name?

Her: Darcy!

Me: That's my name, what's your name?

Her: Darcy!

Oh kids…


Rissa really wanted to have her own video time so I asked her to talk about our latest zoo trip. The girl can't stand the stinky areas right now. (Honestly, I'm not sure why they've been extra stinking our last two trips.)  I gave her a pass on the potty talk this time.

She also wanted to show you her hair…?

I don't ask…

She was super excited to show you her somersault skills and the way she avoids falling on her brother. It makes me happy that she's so happy about doing them. I wish I got that excited over little things still. No.. no somersaults from me, thanks. But now you can really see why she's so excited for gymnastics tumbling to start, right?

So, I'm thinking about doing a couple video series, some sketches, and other fun stuff. What is one thing you'd like to see or have answered? Tell me in the comments and you'll get a shout out if I use it in a future video!


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