3 Reasons You Need Girls Weekend Getaways

Moms live with entirely too much guilt. I know I do, and that is why I wanted to share with you some basic Reasons You Need Girls Weekend Getaways. Frankly, we feel like we can’t take off by ourselves because the kids or our spouse need us. The truth is, these are really important for our emotional, and yes, even physical health.

Self care is important for everyone, especially moms. Get rid of the guilt and check out these 3 Reasons You Need Girls Weekend Getaways. Taking time away is probably the best parenting tip I ever received!

Reasons You Need Girls Weekend Getaways

This isn’t just about going away with your best girlfriends. It can be just you, as a mom, going away for a day or two completely alone. Of course, if you and your best mom friends can schedule a short getaway together – even better!

It’s all about how to revitalize your life by getting that time for self-care in the mix. If you are able, these reasons are all the push you need to make sure you have girls weekend getaways on the calendar a few times a year.

You are more than a mom. If you are like me, you have probably caught yourself folding the laundry full of cute kids clothes and pulled out an old t-shirt, stray sock, or ratty pair of yoga pants and wondered what happened to your sense of style.

Maybe you have spent the last bit of savings this month to send your child to an overnight camp, but your roots need to be touched up desperately. These things are part of being a mom for many, but you mustn’t forget that you are more than a mom.

Being a mother is one of the most amazing things in life, but don’t allow that to make you lose who you were before. You can still be yourself. Girls weekend getaways force you back into the mode of being something more than a mother for a few hours or days.

You can sleep without fear of someone needing you in the middle of the night.

You can take up the whole bed if you want to!

A bubble bath can be relaxing and longer than 10 minutes because nobody will interrupt you.

You can indulge in chocolate without sharing.

Take the time to enjoy those small pleasantries we took for granted before having kids.

This doesn’t mean you don’t love and adore your children. It simply means you need to value who you are so you can be a better mother to them. Teaching them to care for themselves in the process is all part of the job you have as a parent.

Your children and spouse need to appreciate you. Even if you have the most understanding spouse and appreciative children on Earth, I’m pretty sure there are days when they don’t realize how much you do for them.

Getting away for a few days definitely adds a sense of excitement and appreciation back into the routine. The spouse who isn’t there all day every day can see how hard you work, “just staying at home”, and the kids will probably appreciate you a bit more for awhile when they realize how much you do differently.

It’s not a gimmick nor a bribe. It is a reality.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and oftentimes we feel run down by the constant, “Mom! Mom! Mom!” When we are away for a few hours or days, our family has to see those gaps in their life that we fill. That makes it easier for them to see you and what you do clearly.

You cannot be your best when you put yourself last.  This. So much this. As moms, we often and usually put ourselves on the end of the list. It is tough, but it is true.

This means that we are not always taking proper care of ourselves, nor being a great example of self-care. You cannot be the best mom to your children when you are emotionally or physically exhausted. Taking the time to work hard on yourself as well as for them makes a difference.

Girls weekend getaways aren’t just about getting massages, pedicures, and going shopping. They are really about taking care of yourself and saying, “I am worth this.”

Even if your budget is small, a few hours alone, a one night stay in a hotel, or just taking yourself out to a movie in the middle of the day are all great ways to say to yourself and those around you how important you are.

Self care is important for everyone, especially moms. Get rid of the guilt and check out these 3 Reasons You Need Girls Weekend Getaways. Taking time away is probably the best parenting tip I ever received!

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