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After reading Crissy's post, Bragging About Your Child at Dear Crissy, my mind was flooded with thoughts on the subject. I think it's natural to be proud of your child's milestones and accomplishments and want to tell everyone about them.

First of all, our children quickly become our focal point and we're excited by all of their firsts. Just like sharing vacation photos, we think everyone else wants to know about them even if they don't. (Your true friends really do though, or at least, they'll smile and nod.)

I agree with her that sometimes there's a bit of a competitive edge to it. But, I think it goes a bit beyond mere competitiveness and very much a part of the desire for social acceptance. We want our children to be demonstrating the same capabilities as their peers. And we are always comparing ourselves to others it seems. However, we still want others to see our children as special, gifted, and unique – even if it's when they accomplish basic skills and milestones. And this never really stops, does it? Parents brag about their children from infancy through adulthood!

I'm just as guilty of bragging as the next mom. I mean, I posted about Rissa rolling over from front to back for the first time within minutes of her doing it!

Sadly, she has not done it again. I started to wonder what the deal is, but after doing some reading on milestones it seems she did that a bit earlier than average. However, she has not mastered it.

I worried about it briefly, but realize she is doing so much skill learning and building right now. She's grabbing at things and bringing them to her mouth. She's playing around with her binky – pulling it out of her mouth and trying to put it back in. She's trying to sit up when in our laps.

And she's trying to talk. Oh boy, is she ever!

Another thought I had is that we are constantly evaluating our children's development watching for signs that something isn't occuring on a “normal” schedule. We've learned how to spot more and more early signs of things such as autism. Plus, the earlier you discover a disorder or say, poor hearing, the sooner you can address it… make whatever adjustments will be needed to continue to help your child blossom.

The last thought I had about bragging is… it shows our involvement with our children – that we care about what they are doing. Now going to extremes may not be healthy or wise, as with anything, but being proud of our children and talking about them positively is good, I believe.

Before I gave birth to Rissa, I would often daydream about lots of her firsts… milestones but also things like her first trip to the zoo. I'm excited about seeing her excited. The world is new to her, and I thinks it's beautiful to watch her learn.

What has your child done lately? Go ahead and brag in the comments – I want to hear!


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