New Mama’s Day: Remembering When I Was Young {Keepsake Bookset}

I love creative gifts. I really do! Brian is the family genealogist and we plan on passing that torch on to Rissa. So, I definitely loved the idea of a keepsake heirloom book that includes family memories like Remembering When I Was Young by Carole Carson. I mean, if we had something like this from our ancestors, we'd love it!

Here's some more information about what this book is about and how it came to be:

“I wrote this book based on my experience with own sons. While traveling in a car, we would play “what if” games. What if, for example, kids pants were held up by giant balloons? What if people were born very old? What if we didn't have money? We stretched our imaginations in this way.

The children's book set is designed to stimulate a child's imagination and become a keepsake heirloom. Readers enter an upside-down, inside-out world where clouds are stored square in a box. The conclusion of book provides questions for grandparents and/or relatives to answer about their own childhood.”

This book is a lot of fun! It's colorful and silly – perfect for sharing with kids. Rissa smiled and laughed at the silliness as I read it to her. I was having fun making silly faces and using fun voices as we explored the imaginative world of “what if.”  I remember asking my parents lots of questions when I was little – some were quite silly.

I can't wait until Rissa is old enough to come up with our own “what ifs” like… What if clouds tasted like ice cream and they rained sprinkles?

And… I don't want to start coloring without her!

I wish my grandparents could fill this out for me… instead, I'm going to have Rissa's grandparents fill out the questions (as well as Brian & I!) so she has a treasured keepsake.

This is a fun, thoughtful and unique gift – especially if you fill out the questions before gifting it!

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