Naughty or Nice, Family Traditions & More – It’s a BabyZone Round Up!

Taking a break from last minute shopping and present wrapping? Here are a few posts you may have missed over the past week over at BabyZone.


(I bought these at Target, aren’t they fun?)

We do Santa, but don’t focus on the nice list

There are several ways to approach the whole Santa business, from not including him in your festivities to creating a whole experience around him. We made the decision not to base Santa on being “good” in order to get presents. For one, I find that incredibly hard to enforce, but also because that is a lot of pressure on little kids—especially toddlers and preschoolers. My 3-year-old struggles enough with learning boundaries, behavior and emotion management for one day, let alone an entire year!

Then there’s the issue of finances. If there isn’t enough money for a lot of presents, I don’t want my kids to think it’s because they weren’t good enough. Or to compare how much they got with friends who may not have been very nice. [continue reading]

We always give to others during the holidays

While we donate things off and on year round, I always make sure to donate new and used toys and clothes during the holidays because I know what it’s like not to have much. I may not be a minimalist and buy too much for my own kids, but I want to help other kids have presents too.

Recently, I read a discussion about whether or not needy children should ask for expensive Christmas gifts. Reading that seriously brought tears to my eyes because it brought back memories from my own childhood. The holidays are the worst time of year to be poor—not because of selfish demands, but because of the pressure to feel normal. When there isn’t enough money to get a tree, decorate, have a special meal and get presents, it is not always easy to explain to young children. [continue reading]

Giving is just one of our family holiday traditions

As a young child, I thought everyone celebrated the holidays the same way we did. It was the world I knew. It made sense to me. The reality is, there are lots of different traditions families participate in. My husband and I have been trying to sort out which traditions to keep or add. We didn’t grow up with drastically different ways of celebrating, so it hasn’t been too difficult, but we need to figure it out now that our oldest is 3-years-old.

Pre-kids, we mostly had to figure out the family visitation rotation since  my family lives farther away. We never made a big deal about decorating or when to exchange gifts. Now we have an excited little girl who couldn’t wait to help daddy put the tree up and put the star on herself! So we considered the activities we enjoyed the most or wished we could have done as kids. [continue reading]

Copyright_Now_It_s_Personal_Photography_Tanya_Haswell_November_26__2013_at_0844PM (5)

Have a December baby?

Having a birthday tied to a major holiday can be a mixed blessing. For some the extra festivities are exciting, but to others it doesn’t feel like “your” day. Everyone deserves to celebrate their birthday and find ways to make it special regardless of the date it falls on.

Initially my son’s December due date didn’t phase me. I assumed he would arrive a little early like his sister, which would put his birthday at the end of November. My daughter loves her Halloween birthday and I figured a Thanksgiving birthday wouldn’t be too bad either. I thought my biggest birthday dilemma would revolve around whether or not to combine the kids’ birthday parties each year.

Instead my son arrived at the beginning of December. Smack dab in the middle of the holiday season. [continue reading]


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