My Favorite 5 TV Shows… For the Moment

I don't watch quite as much television as I did before kids. Well, at least I don't get to watch what *I* want to watch as much. I probably know a few too many kids' shows theme songs, character names, etc. That's okay, I guess. I do have memories of staying home sick from school and watching children's programming all day (yeah even into my umm teens). It used to be comforting to curl up on the couch under a thick blanket and watch Between the Lions and whatever else was on. (That's the only show I can think of right now!)

Most of my TV watching is done via Netflix though. I rarely get to watch shows as they air and we no longer have a DVR so… it's Netflix for this chica. I like it that way though since I can watch a whole season in one sitting. (Pretty much a true story.)



When I was recording I didn't really think too much about my list ahead of time. I was surprised I didn't say Glee. If you would have asked me last year, Glee would have been in my top 5. Now… I'd say it still makes my top 10, but I'm not quite as attached to the show and characters as I was the past couple years.

So the only show I'm probably really up to date on right now is Game of Thrones. It's been a pretty long break in between which gave me time to read some of the books. I'm only part way through book 4, then there's two more books. (Well, book 6 isn't out yet I don't think.)  As I mentioned briefly in the video, I started Doctor Who with the 11th (and current) Doctor. I've watched all of his and am waiting for the show to start back up again at the end of March. Meanwhile, I've gone back and watched the 9th Doctor's episodes. Getting ready to now watch the 10th Doctor… then maybe rewatch 11 before the new ones start? We'll see…

What are your favorite shows right now? (Because we all know that can change quickly!)


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