My Continuing Love/Hate Relationship With Aunt Flo

Taking a moment for an old fashioned ramble post. Hope you don't mind?

I have news…. The elusive Aunt Flo has actually stopped by two months in a row! It kind of makes me happy and wondering if my cycle is getting back on track. The crazy unpredictable periods honestly drive me insane. It made it so hard to track our conception attempts. I hated seeing her yet not seeing her. It was so confusing to not be visited for months yet not be preggers. It's been a couple years now since she's visited two months in a row though! Yet, I'm a little unsure about getting too giddy just yet…

Why is she coming on time and according to schedule when we are NOT YET trying for Rissa's sibling?

Will she be MIA once we do start trying again (soon!)?

She's so sneaky. Still, I am kind of happy to see some regularity. But… I hate these cramps. You better believe I've been indulging in too much chocolate. My new obsession is chocolate covered cashews and almonds.

Mmm… Yum!

Anyway, yes, I hate having my period but I hate not having it. It's such an integral part of trying to conceive though.

Heh, I guess this post could also serve as a warning of my fluctuating moods right now. When in doubt, just throw chocolate at me!

Oh! One last thing – anyone have any experience with mama cloth? I've been wondering about giving it a try. (The Diva Cup sorta scares me to be honest.)


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