Making Fitness a Family Affair

Last week was a rough week. I had a couple challenging days with the kids which led to a skipped workout and some comfort eating. I skipped a second workout at the end of the week due to exhaustion. I literally could not keep my eyes open on Saturday evening so we let it slide.

Yeah, that means I only did half of my workouts last week, but I’m going to turn it around this week. This week I will follow through on all four as well as start the 64oz of water a day challenge.

I think part of why I’ve been so tired lately is due to the decrease in my daily water intake. The baby is sleeping pretty good at night so I can’t blame it all on him.

It has been nice turning my workout days into a family activity. Brian and I are unable to workout at the exact same time, but we take turns. I usually go first. It’s great having him doing it too!

But what’s cuter? Rissa.

She loves to try and copy and gets very excited about star jumps. She’s cute to watch, and I like seeing her having fun with it. I’m hoping that this will help set a good example for her – see that exercise is important and doesn’t have to be a total drag.

Speaking of which, I need to watch what I say while doing my routine. Too often I start negative talk about my lack of ability and being fat. I don’t want her to hear that stuff. I don’t want her to struggle with self-image issues like I have/do.

But man, when my belly nearly touchs the ground during planks it’s hard not to make jokes about it. Or when it also flops around when I’m jumping… I know part of it is due to stretched out preggo skin but still!

Oh! I did notice some progress during Sunday’s workout though! I did a couple more burpees than usual and while stretching I could actually touch the floor with my hands when sitting with legs stretched outward and leaning forward. I couldn’t touch last week or the week before!

I apparently gained a couple pounds last week or weighed too soon after dinner. Who knows but it said 226lbs.

Can’t wait to keep working out with my family. It’s going to keep me motivated and on track (overall since obviously I still managed to miss a few days).

Does your family workout together?


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