Magic Cabin Toys Review #blogbash11

When I started looking for family summer fun prize ideas, I kept looking at Magic Cabin. I first heard of them from a blog review and I later remember entering for a chance to win an incredible toy pony! (No, I didn't win.). I looked through their site and my eyes lit up at all the awesome outdoor toys they offered! Things like a backyard waterside, sand toys, a trampoline, and more!

I am very excited to be working with them for Blog Bash, and hope you are too! They believe in playtime being a special and magical place and the importance of cultivating and encouraging imaginative play. They work to provide a selection of safe, natural, and fun toys.

It was tough for me to decide on what to get. I mean, they do have a selection of baby toys, but the bigger kid toys look sooooo fun! But, I didn't want to get anything too beyond her development. Most of their toys seem better suited for older babies/toddlers and up or younger. Rissa is kind of in a middle ground for me – she gets bored with a lot of toys quick while others frustrate her due to not being able to confidently manipulate them as intended.

We received the following items to review:

Big Bubble Bucket

Gentle Giraffe

Dimple Animal Set – Elephant

We received these a few months ago when Rissa was getting better at grasping objects and holding them. She likes the little elephant because it is easy for her to grab. She also likes to suck on the trunk! Since it is made from natural materials (sheeps wool) and made in Germany, I know the craftsmanship is good. I'm not worried about her putting it in her mouth. She's a little young yet to play with the basket and blanket pieces. However, I know this toy will be appropriate for her as she grows. Her imaginative play will be able to put Trumpy to sleepy in his basket bed! While I love it and know it's not cheaply made, I thought we were getting more than one, but “set” included the basket. It is a bit pricey, but it's a toy that should be durable enough to last her for a couple years (unless she loses it…)

The Gentle Giraffe was a welcome addition to our growing giraffe collection. Rissa wanted to eat it right away. I did have to be careful with the mane. It attaches nicely to the crib so it can't be pulled on top of her. The sounds haven't helped with our sleep issues like I hoped it would, but Rissa does find it entertaining. I do not fault the giraffe for not helping with our particular situation. She likes listening to the sounds, but while awake! There is also a little story about Gentle that comes with.

I took the Big Bubble Bucket over to my brother-in-laws house. The top is easy to twist on and off. It sat well in the grass. It's supposed to be a no-spill bucket – ideal for outdoor play with a couple energetic boys. I tested by tipping the bucket over. Nothing came out until I had it completely upside down. While some leaked out, it wasn't a big gush so we still had bubble solution to use. Rissa was puzzled by the bubbles but my nephews had fun! I wasn't planning on leaving it there with them, but decided they'd get more use out of it this summer. It didn't come with bubble solution, so we bought some. We could have made bubble solution too.

I love the toys available at Magic Cabin and can't wait to get some of the imaginative toys and set ups for when she's a few years older!

Magic Cabin is sponsoring a gift code for one of our Blog Bash 2011 prize packs!

Connect with them on their website, @magiccabin, and on Facebook!


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