Lucky Day Sweepstakes Event: $125 NUME GC (WW) 3/13-3/20

 Is today your lucky day? Find out and hop around to all these blogs hosting sweepstakes you can win hosted by Sason and Pobi.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet so you can get to entering. I feel lucky when I can have some time to give my hair a bit of TLC. I feel lucky when I have a chance to style it! So, we are offering you a gift code for NUME! There you can find a variety of high quality hair styling tools and even hair extensions.


$125 GC for NUME
(sponsored by Tales From the Nursery)


  • Log into the Rafflecopter form either with your Facebook account OR just name & email (this will help it remember if you entered already!)
  • Required entry to enter is the main entry – the rest are optional extras.
  • Click “Do It!” to see the directions for the entry option. Read the instructions and complete them, then click “Enter!” to fill in the requested information. If you submit without completing tasks, your entries will be invalid.

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