Is Rissa Ready for a New Sibling? [Video]

Later I'll share more about how we helped prepare our toddler for a new sibling, but right now I want to focus on her thoughts as we get closer to the arrival of the new baby. Overall, Rissa has seemed open to the idea of a new baby. She loves babies (especially OTHER people's babies) and has been getting more interested in baby dolls lately. She can show a real gentle side, then randomly toss her doll across the room or onto its head.

Yes, we'll have to watch her closely with her brother!

When we talk about the baby with her, she asks where it is and when it is coming. She knows there's a baby in my belly (and that there is NOT one in Daddy's belly or Rissa's belly), but I'm not sure if she quite understands what it means…. yet.


When you ask her if she is excited about being a big sister or having a little brother she usually says yes. Occasionally¬†she'll say no but then change it to yes. We tell her that we love her, give her lots of hugs, and also talk about ways she can be a big helper with the baby. The girl does like to help mama! And she sure can't wait for him to get here so she can play with some of his toys… one's that are put away for him since I told her she'd have to wait until he comes home before she can play with them.

How did your kids react to the news of a new sibling?


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