Instant Influence {Book} Review

Do you struggle with motivating others to do what you want? How about motivating yourself? Well, with the help of Michael V. Pantalon, you can learn how to quickly influence others in less than seven minutes.

I received an advanced reader copy of Instant Influence: How to Get Anyone to Do Anything-Fast so please keep in mind that the final version released in May could vary from the copy I received.

The basic principles in this book are good, and frankly, make sense. It’s about helping another person find their own motivation to do what you want them to do. It’s not necessarily manipulation. This type of approach would be very helpful in social work with clients as well as with handling (difficult) employees. It goes along with motivational interviewing, but is ideal for situations where you don’t have a lot of time to start the change process.

As stated in his book, it doesn’t mean things will change immediately. You may even need to repeat the process and check in to keep them motivated. The takeaway message though – people need to have a personal investment in changing. I used to work with people who were receiving treatment for alcohol and/or other drug addiction. Many of them were on probation or parole. Some may think my criminal justice clients were the easiest to work with when, in fact, they were some of my most difficult clients. They had high threat, external pressure, but this did little to really motivate them. It usually had the opposite affect. They tended to be more resistant. My most successful clients were often the ones who sought treatment on their own because they truly desired to change.

It was interesting for me to read this based on my past work experience as well as realizing that when I (finally) quit smoking for good when I found out I was pregnant with Riss it was from me going through the process of his six question steps… without me realizing it.

So the concept is interesting and could be applied to most anyone: strangers, clients, employees, teens, kids, customer service…

The information provided in this book is very helpful. However, the read itself was not as entertaining. My copy starts out with him giving a great example of the Instant Influence method working on a tough crowd, but he also provides you with the six steps right away. The rest of the book contains a lot of repetition of each step, how/why it’s important, and examples of it in use.

While this is useful information, I found myself mostly skimming the rest of the book. This may very well be due to my experience and familiarization with motivational interviewing. Plus, the times I get a chance to read are usually when I’m fairly tired, so it’s harder to keep my attention with nonfiction at the moment.

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