Happy Birthday Mercer Mayer! + Little Critter Book Giveaway (US) Ends 1/12/13

I loved books from an early age and am passing that love on to my own children. There are so many stories from my childhood that I’m trying to share with Rissa. Some of the books are hard to find nowadays. One series my husband and I both enjoyed growing up was Little Critter. Those tales were always from the first person point of view of Little Critter, perfectly capturing the thoughts and feelings of a little kid. They were definitely relatable yet entertaining.

Did you know….

  • He was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on December 30, 1943.
  • He’s written and illustrated over 300 children’s books.
  • His most famous character appeared in his 1975 book, Just For You.
  • Two of the main character’s favorite pets are a grasshopper and a spider.
  • He’s going to be 69 this year so that means next year is the BIG 70, so we need to start planning a BIG celebration.

mercer mayer

Happy Birthday to you, Mercer Mayer!

Throughout his formidable career, Mercer Mayer has published over 300 books using a wide range of illustrative styles, although he is probably best known for his Little Critter® and Little Monster series of books. When Mayer drew from his own childhood experiences in creating stories, he struck a chord with children and parents alike.

“Most of my books are about things that happened to me when I was a little kid,” says Mercer. “Now that I’m a big kid, I write about things that happen now, especially with my own children and grandchildren. They always remind me of what it is like to be little.”

While physical books are still ideal for little ones, having access to digital books is great when on the go to keep kids occupied. I know my tech savvy toddler can amuse herself for hours on Daddy’s phone or tablet. Well, Little Critter fans, get ready to add a new one to your mobile device!

Available in late January 2013, Silver Dolphin Book’s Little Critter: The Trip app invites young children to learn along with Little Critter and the other familiar characters who will reinforce their ability to resolve the practical, down-to-earth, family-based situations typically presented in Mayer’s book series. Offering a balance of fun games and learning activities, the Little Critter app emphasizes basic pre-school and early elementary curriculum (numbers, shapes, colors, patterns, letters, simple words, map reading).

little critter app screenshot

In Little Critter: The Trip, you will be able to take an action-packed car trip with Little Critter, Little Sister, Mom and Dad in which everything imaginable happens—literally—from A to Z, in this fun-filled interactive app! “is for bad” when the “is for tire” goes flat! And “is for lost” when where did the “is for road” go? Little Critters’ trip is full of humorous ups and downs like the actual road they’re following! It’s up to you and Little Critter to help find the way, fix the car when it breaks down, and play lots of fun “is for games” with Little Sister to pass the time! Kids learn along with Little Critter as, true to his nature, he cheers you on to scale new heights!

I’m happy to share that The Trip will be available for iPhones, iPads and on Android. Too many great children’s books apps are not available for my phone so I’m happy to see that virtually everyone should be able to get this one!

Visit the Silver Dolphin Books blog where they will post new information about the upcoming app, including details of a fun contest coming in January 2013 and sign up for their newsletter! Also connect with @SilverDolphin on Twitter and on the Silver Dolphin Books Facebook page.


One lucky US reader will win a Mercer Mayer autographed copy of LITTLE CRITTER’S SNOWBALL SOUP, a “My First I Can Read” book for readers ages 4 and up (paperback). A fun winter-themed book that ties so well into this festive time of year—join Little Critter, Little Sister, and Dog as they make their new friend the snowman a tasty treat—Snowball soup!

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Disclosure: I’ll be receiving an autographed copy of a book for helping to share this information.


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