Halfway, Baby!

Today marks 20 weeks, so we are halfway to the estimated arrival date. Woohoo!

I can hardly believe there's only 20 weeks left. I mean, I'm barely showing, for one (in my opinion anyway… I don't have that obviously round preggo belly). And there's so much to do yet!

To-Do-Yet List:

  • Crochet a baby blanket (well, need to learn how to crochet well first… eeps)
  • Paint the nursery (more specifically, this is hubby's job)
  • Train cats to stay out of the bassinet (although they haven't climbed in… yet)
  • Make plastic canvas Nursery Rhyme pictures (I have the patterns, just need more yarn!)
  • Find and sign up for classes: birthing and breastfeeding
  • Find a daycare for when I return to work
  • Find a pediatrician
  • Purchase whatever essentials we don't get from dear sweet family and friends that are an absolute must for the first few weeks

Ok, so that doesn't look too insane… but I know the rest of this pregnancy is probably going to start flying by and I'll be in the delivery room before I know it!


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