Good Things Come in 3s! Chili’s Triple Dipper Review & $20 GC #Giveaway Closed

I'm thrilled to be part of this fun giveaway event! After you read my mouth-watering review and enter for your chance to win a $20 gift card from us, you'll want to check out the linky for more chances to win. This event is only from 6/6-6/12!

Read on to enter to win a $20 GC here! (Warning, pictures may make you hungry!)

It's nice to get out of the house and dine out on occasion, especially now that Rissa does well sitting in a high chair and munches on some baby puffs. One place we don't get a chance to go to often is Chili's, so this event was a nice treat! The mission – to try and narrow down three foods I'd like all on one plate.

They have so many great options…

I love appetizer samplers and am a big fan of dipping sauces, so the Triple Dipper at Chili's was a perfect option for me. Sometimes it's frustrating when I can't mix and match a sampler plate, so getting to pick three out XXX choices was awesome. I like to have a very appetizer-y type food (like mozz sticks or potatoe skins) along with some chicken and some beef.

So… I picked the Big Mouth Bites (mini burgers), Chicken Crispers, and Loaded Potato Skins.

At first we talked about getting the Triple Dipper to split between us and meals, but I decided it would be meal worthy on its own. Just look at all that food!

I don't usually like onions on my burger, but these carmalized onions were sliced thin and really added to the flavor.

I received three dips: ranch, honey mustard, and sour cream. They were great to mix and match with my food selections. It's always a tough call whether I should ask for ranch or honey mustard with my chicken! The Chicken Crispers were very good. They were much larger than I expected. Brian even got to have half of one! I loved the batter – very tempura-like (the menu just said hand battered), which I enjoy.

Next time, I think I'd get a different combination. So many possibilities await!

We (err, I) couldn't resist dessert too, so we shared!

Want to make your perfect plate of 3? Head over to Shout Out to Eat Out to not only make a plate, but to be entered for chances to win more Chili's gift cards – you could win a $20 or a $333 gift card! Ends 6/30/11!


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