Fluff Stash #ClothDiapers App Review

We’re kicking off the Summer Fluffin’ event with a unique review and giveaway of the brand new and first ever app for cloth diaper lovers, sponsored by Cloth Diaper Outlet: Fluff Stash! It is designed for use on iPhones, iPod Touch, and iPad with iOS 3.1 or later.

As soon as I saw one posting about Fluff Stash I knew I had to have it and bought it right away! I’m rarely without my iPhone and it’s usually a great way for me to take pictures of new cloth diapers when they arrive. Plus, it’s so handy for snapping shots of Rissa! Well, now I have a great way to keep inventory of our stash and be able to share it with others!

For those that aren’t into cloth diapering, they don’t quite understand our obsession with cute prints and colors or how often we recommend our favorite styles and brands to other cloth mamas. This app is so easy to use. It’s sad when you open it and your stash is empty, so first thing’s first, you gotta add to it!

As you can see, I only got started! A few of the pictures I put in there are the pretty stacks of diapers because they look so lovely! To add to your stash, you can click on the camera button in the bottom left hand side to take a picture or click on the arrows in the middle. That will let you import pictures from your photo library on your phone. This is also where you share your fluff via email, Facebook, or Twitter! Sharing has never been easier.

I think this sharing feature is a great way to showcase fluff you are interested in selling or trading.

When you touch one of your fluff stash photos, you can thumb through them (admiring them!) or you can touch the little magnifying glass to add information about them so you can categorize and keep records of what you own (currently own or if you borrowed or sold them – you can still keep track!).

Fill in the brand, style, color and any additional information in the comment/caption section. While it comes with a great list of brands, it is not all inclusive. But, just click edit and + to add more! This is the same for the colors. I decided to keep the basic colors as they have them listed and added Prints. There are too many different names and such to add every single one, in my opinion. So, I use the comment/caption area to add specifics. You could also add info like “sold” here too.

Since you can add new brands to your app, I wish (or hope?) to be able to have my brand library updated every so often. I mean, what a great way to discover new brands – am I right?

I love it!

** Buy it! **

You can download and purchase Fluff Stash from the iTunes App Store for 99 cents.

Giveaway over


Disclosure: I purchased this app for myself and then asked to share it with you – I am thankful that a giveaway is being sponsored!


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