Darcy Recommends: From Mean Scales to Lessons Learned From Kids

I really loved gathering up posts to share with you but got sidetracked last weekend. Oops. Oh well, life happens and I don’t want this post to turn into a blubbery apology. Instead let’s move onto some posts I think you will enjoy but may have missed when it came out.

Darcy Recommends: From Mean Scales to Lessons Learned From Kids

  • I get a kick out of open letter advice. Mama Kat offers sage advice while being witty at the same time in her letter, Dear Man, I’m Sorry.
  • Next up is a short yet hilariously relatable post from The Bloggess, especially for those of is trying to stick to weight loss goals. My scale can be a jerk too.
  • I read a couple blogger’s that discuss parenting children with special needs, including a couple who have a child with Down’s Syndrome. I’m not going to even attempt to say I understand what that’s like because I don’t. I do appreciate when they are honest about the good days as well as the rough days because I have those too – just not always for the same reasons. Anyway, a fan recommended Everything and Nothing From Essex to Me. I checked it out and really liked her post Down Syndrome: Promise of Happiness or Curse?.
  • After asking my Facebook fans for some new blogs to check out (I’m still working my way through that list), one of my fans shared her blog, Gone to Carolina. I cracked up and nodded along while reading Some Days This is How it Goes because I’ve totally had days like this…then wonder why I got nothing done!
  • I’ve been learning so much parenting my kids so this post, On Raising a 3 Year Old and the Beauty in Failure from the Dear Baby blog, really resonated with me. I’ve learned some of the same lessons. Someday I will need to elaborate on this, but for now, go read that post!

So that’s five for now, tune in next weekend for another set of recommended reads! Also, thank you for the feedback about liking this feature. I know it’s nice to discover new-to-me posts and blogs to read!


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