Darcy Recommends: 10 Posts From Toddler Antics to Mama TMIs

I’ve been working on making more time to read my fellow bloggers. I miss getting lost within a blog as I click deeper in, enjoying their humor or tips and tricks. Since I find many posts I would enjoy reading a second time, I figured I would share them with you as well. Each week I will try to share 10 posts with all of you and maybe you’ll find a new blog to follow! (Just.. you know… don’t trade me in for them, okay?)  Some of the posts may or may not be newly published, but are enjoyable nonetheless and may be one that was missed!

  1. As you know, I’m working on being healthier this year. Like really working on it. None of this faking it crap. That’s why I was interested in some practical tips on how to transition to eating “real food.”  Check out 100 Days of Real Food: Easy Ways to Cut Back on Processed Ingredients.
  2. Holly over at Holly’s House always cracks me up, but her post The One Pit Wonder really captures the height of mommy brain in one of the most humorous – yet embarrassing – ways. I actually almost did what she did just the other day. Then I thought about her post and laughed out loud in the shower.
  3. Many of us use persuasion in one form or another. If we are trying to sell something (ourselves, a product, a service, etc) such skill is even more important. So how does a toddler master it better than most adults? Copyblogger shares 9 Persuasion Lessons learned from a toddler. And you know what? I pictured Rissa while reading at least half of them.
  4. Jen from Life With Levi is not afraid to let it all out on her blog. She’s able to poke fun at herself and let’s us peek behind the curtain into some embarrassingly intimate moments. This post is rightfully labeled as TMI but it’s super hilarious. But be warned, her post, TMI: I Lost My Marbles, most definitely focuses on her private parts.
  5. I had to share Mary’s post from iNeed a Playdate. Her little girl is growing up and showing her independence in I Can Do It Myself Mama. I totally related since I’m going through some similar power struggles with Rissa. Ugh, I hate to even call it a power struggle, but it doesn’t always go smoothly when she tries to do things on her own like a big girl.
  6. Apple nachos. Two words I never thought would go together in a recipe, but it looks amazing and delicious. P.S. I love the blog’s name: Gimmie Some Oven.
  7. If I had a better work area set up I would try to keep Rissa busy with this clever ‘Work and Play’ game shared by Amy West that let’s mama get work done at home while still playing with her little one. If you work from home you know it can be tough to balance work and play…
  8. Part resource for bloggers and part information for everyone who uses social media, this post shares a new Google+ user’s experience and what they’ve learned in the past month. I’ve been getting more active on it myself and would love to see more of you there too! It’s similar to Facebook in terms of how it works yet it’s not like it.
  9. I think it’s true that all 2 year olds master how to stall bedtime. I know Rissa does tactic #5 all the time in Bedtime Stalling 101.
  10. This last post I’m sharing probably should have been near the top so you’d read all the funny posts afterwards. It takes us to a more serious place and that’s about that moment when your baby says they hate you. *gasp* It makes my heart hurt just thinking about it. Being a mom now, I wish I’d never used the “h” word when I was 5 years old. Candian Dad shares about his experience in The Thin Line Between Love and Hate.

I hope you enjoyed at least one of these reads this week. Let me know which one was your favorite! Also, if you have a favorite post that you read or wrote this week and would like it to be considered for next week, please leave it in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe so you can see if you get featured in a future Darcy Recommends!


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