Challenge Your Kids to a Boppin’ Good Time (1 Day Giveaway! 4/25)

Bop It! XT is one game sure to get kids (and adults!) up and moving this spring. As the game unit challenges you to “Bop it,” “Pull it,” Twist it,” “Flick it,” “Spin it,” and “Shake it,” you’ll have to think quickly while using increased skill and speed to perform the commands as fast as possible. The more commands you correctly follow, the faster the commands come!

I remember when my nephew got the original Bop It! At the time I was pretty amazed at how much it entertained him – it seemed so simple! But that’s how these games get you. I’m a sucker for “simon says” type games that rely on quick reactions and memory. Bop It! XT doesn’t focus a lot on memory (though the first cycle through all the commands is the same) but it definitely tests your reaction time. It’s crazy how you can forget what is what when racing the clock!

While my daughter is much to young to actually play, she thought the voice telling me to Bop It! and laughing at my slowness was hilarious. I cannot seem to get a score higher than 17, which has been driving me crazy! Although it’s hard to keep up when Rissa is trying to help me play! There are a few different levels of play and multiplayer mode where you pass it back and forth trying to beat each other’s score. I just stuck with solo play! I tried to challenge my husband but he was afraid I’d beat him (at least that’s the only excuse I can think of as to why he hasn’t taken me up on it).

For added challenge you can have it designate what body part to hit it with, but that was too much for me. Maybe once I break 20 points….

I didn’t expect this game to be so addicting, but I definitely found it to be! I switched between shake mode on and off. Sometimes it didn’t seem to register the shakes right so I’d turn it off. (I still couldn’t beat 17!)


Bop It! XT for 1 lucky US reader


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