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Feeling Overwhelmed with Life: Are You Overcommitted?

Are you Feeling Overwhelmed with Life? Perhaps you don't know if you are really overcommitted or if it is just the way life should be? Since we all have these moments, it is time to acknowledge and share tips for figuring out if you are truly overcommitted or just having a bad


Ladies Night In: 3 Activities for You and the Girls

Kool and The Gang once sang “this is ladies night, and the feeling’s right.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. There is nothing quite like a Ladies Night With the Girls. Sure, guys are great but sometimes you just need to let your hair down, and you can’t always do that


7 Self Care Activities For Busy Moms

Self Care Activities are needed in the life of a busy mom. Whether you are a working mom, work at home mom, or a stay at home mom, you know that self care is a must. Taking care of yourself above all else makes you a better mom. It's just the truth.


3 Reasons You Need Girls Weekend Getaways

Moms live with entirely too much guilt. I know I do, and that is why I wanted to share with you some basic Reasons You Need Girls Weekend Getaways. Frankly, we feel like we can't take off by ourselves because the kids or our spouse need us. The truth is, these are


Confession: Breast Cancer Terrifies Me

This is a sponsored post. There's one thing in this world that scares me more than anything and that is cancer. I don't often talk about my fear of it, because I still have a slight sense of it can't happen to me which is far from the truth. I mean, that's why


My Continuing Love/Hate Relationship With Aunt Flo

Taking a moment for an old fashioned ramble post. Hope you don't mind? I have news…. The elusive Aunt Flo has actually stopped by two months in a row! It kind of makes me happy and wondering if my cycle is getting back on track. The crazy unpredictable periods honestly drive me


How You Can Help Another Woman be Brave #BraveWoman #CBias

So here we are, in the new year. Whether you were brave or not in 2011, you can be brave in 2012. And if you were brave in 2011, you can pledge to help someone else be brave this year. Last month I shared a poem with you about a brave woman.


Brave Woman Twitter Party Today! #BraveWoman #CBias

Today will be the Brave Woman Twitter party sponsored by Collective Bias. Please join everyone for this important hour as we discuss the strong women we know and how we can help our friends and family members stay strong in their fight against domestic violence. Because if we don't help them recognize they are


I Know a Brave Woman

I know a woman who lived down the street. She had cuts and bruises whenever we'd meet. I wanted to say something, but it was never quite right. She assured me it was normal, the way they would fight. I insisted it wasn't. You must leave, I did implore. Yet he continued


How To Lose Baby Weight

Do you wonder if you will ever be able to lose baby weight? I remember several people telling me the pounds would melt off with breastfeeding. Well, here I am, still nursing a year later and I still weigh about the same as I did in January of this year. Now, I