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VLOG 3: Cutting Your Hair Before Family Photos is Not Advised!

Here's another video chat with Rissa and I, though Rissa takes off to get into things off camera once she's said her piece. Oh, and when I say “yesterday” I'm referring to Sunday since this was recorded Monday afternoon.   (Video) Here's the link if you want to check out my review


VLOG 2: Goals Update

February is almost over so you'd think I'd be making some good headway on my goals, right? Well… not so much. (Video here) How are you doing with your goals?


VLOG 1 | Checking In

Well here we go, our first official vlog. I do apologize for the low quality, but hey, it was still fun to record! Rissa enjoys watching it too. If you have a moment, please enjoy a little chat with us! It's mostly me rambling about wanting to vlog, a bit about Rissa's