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Getting Ready to Rock VEDA Again!

Do you remember that crazy daily video challenge I participated in back in April? Well, it's going on again in August and we are getting ready to do it again! (Ready for VEDA video) Before VEDA I made a few videos here and there and aimed for one a week. Then I


An Interview With My 4 Year Old Self [VIDEO]

I dug into the home movie archives to bring you a conversation with my 4 year old self. Seems I actually started vlogging in 1985. So of course the quality will be questionable, but it is still entertaining. Also, volume is a bit quiet throughout the entire video. I make some observations


Recap of Blissdom Day 2 and Me Tossing Pizza Dough!

I will be providing a better recap later when I can think better. Right now my brain is full of knowledge, new friends, and screaming for sleep. But, I did record a quick video talking about my second day at Blissdom. I wish I could have gotten it out to you earlier,


My Parenting Challenges and Rewards [VIDEO]

See that big boy? He is almost 3 months old already! It's crazy! Anyway, I wanted to chat with you a little about some of my parenting challenges and rewards. Because.. let's be honest… they are there. I love being a mom but it is not always sunshine and roses. Too often


My Favorite 5 TV Shows… For the Moment

I don't watch quite as much television as I did before kids. Well, at least I don't get to watch what *I* want to watch as much. I probably know a few too many kids' shows theme songs, character names, etc. That's okay, I guess. I do have memories of staying home


What My Kid Does That Drives Me Crazy [Video]

I love my kids, but as my daughter grows into her strong personality there are some things she does that drives me crazy. Nutters. Completely bonkers. Sometimes she literally rubs me the wrong way. Have you had anyone try to just rub the webbing between your thumb and finger for more than


Top 10 Videos from Tales From the Nursery in 2012

Last year we started to create more video content. This year I am planning to expand on this and have some ideas of fun video features to share with you. The work we've put into our YouTube channel seems to be paying off as our subscribers and views grow. 39 videos Over


Is Rissa Ready for a New Sibling? [Video]

Later I'll share more about how we helped prepare our toddler for a new sibling, but right now I want to focus on her thoughts as we get closer to the arrival of the new baby. Overall, Rissa has seemed open to the idea of a new baby. She loves babies (especially


VLOG 5: Rissa Teaches Mama

Rissa reads to me from Beyond the Sling, the book I'm currently reading about attachment parenting. We talk a little about what Rissa taught me about parenting and then Rissa starts showing off by identifying body parts she knows…like neck. Enjoy!


Great Outdoor Toy: Water Table! (With video)

Last fall at her birthday party, Rissa received an awesome gift. A gift that had to stay in the box until now. I wasn't expecting to get it out so soon, but it's been very nice out around here – in the 70s and 80s even! That's crazy for March in Wisconsin.