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How Do You Know if Your Family is Complete? (+ enter for a $500 handbag!) #Essure

It took a few years of trying to have our now 1 year old daughter and I know I'm not done having babies… yet. At least, we want to try for at least one more, possibly two. Having up to two was always something my husband and I agreed upon. It just


What Are My Options if I Can’t Conceive on My Own?

When we had trouble conceiving, I started to wonder about my options. Although I really wanted to have “my own” child, I wanted a child to call my own.  The reality that one may not be able to conceive is a hard one to swallow. I really started to think after 3


First Response Fertility Test for Pregnancy Potential #CleverTTC #Spon

Ahh. Trying to conceive. I've mentioned before that it took us 3 years of trying to conceive our daughter. Although we both underwent medical testing, we never used any home kits. I remember buying an ovulation kit but was terrified to use it. With my cycle being so unpredictable, it was yet


When to Try for Baby #2?

I am featured over at One Little Mister where I talk about family planning and spacing. You know Baby #2 is on my mind! Here's an excerpt: When to Try for Another Baby? I know some people prefer to have their children a certain number of years apart. Some like them spaced


Infertility, Impatient, or Both?

Oftentimes the decision to have a baby is the easy part, it's the conceiving part that can be difficult for many. I haven't researched the change in statistics, but the number of people I know who have issues conceiving seems high. And boy, what an emotional roller coaster that is. I know,


The Big Fat Positive

A year ago today, my life changed forever. Our life changed forever. My husband and I tried to conceive for three years. The details of that journey may appear in another post sometime. Suffice it to say, it was an emotional three years, especially for me. My cycle had been irregular for


A Look At The Growing Belly Of The Third Trimester

We saw my belly start to pop in the second trimester. Now here's how it's been growing in the third trimester! (Warning – I didn't know Brian was getting my face in these pictures too – I look a mess! Before he was only focusing on the belly. Dang him! lol) August


Time Paradox and Nesting

At this point, time feels fast yet slow all at the same time. I can hardly believe our little one will be here in less than a month. The weeks seem to go by quickly. Yet… it doesn't seem fast enough. Work days drag on. Having medical monitoring appointments twice a week


Bizarre Observations and Revelations

In no particular order… I have eaten at least 15 pounds of peanut butter throughout my pregnancy. How do I know this? Because we've been buying the big ol' Costco sized Skippy jars. You get 2 jars that are 3 pounds each. I opened number 6 a few days ago. My belly


Happy, Wiggly Baby Update!

Today marked the start of my twice weekly monitoring appointments, which will continue until babygirl gets here. On Monday mornings I will have a biophysical profile (BPP) and Thursday mornings I will have non-stress tests (NSTs). 4 weeks ago I had I growth ultrasound and today they combined that with my BPP.