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5 Positive Parenting Choices For Handling Tantrums

I always want to be making positive parenting choices, but when the kids throw a tantrum it is hard to hold to that ideal. Toddlers are well-known for tantrums, but many children even into teen years can throw quite a fit from time to time. Trying to be the positive and calm


How Baby Einstein Animals Helps My Toddler Learn

There is nothing better on a cranky day than to turn on some Baby Einstein Animals shows and let the kids sit and watch while you sit back, eat a piece of chocolate, vent on social media and maybe even drink a glass of wine. Seriously, Baby Einstein animals have become a


Hobbies For Kids to Start Early

As a parent of small children, figuring out hobbies for kids to start early is ideal. I like to keep my children busy. I prefer that they do not just spend every single day sitting in front of the TV, laying around. This is why I like to start my kids on fun


The Mommy Mindset: Baby Talk and Language Development

We can't help but compare our kids sometimes, but sometimes we get a little too caught up in the “should bes,” I think. This week we discuss language development. Thank You for participating this week: Gena of Captain Fussy Buckets, Darcy of Tales From the Nursery, LaVonne of Long Wait for Isabella,


Proud Mamas

After reading Crissy's post, Bragging About Your Child at Dear Crissy, my mind was flooded with thoughts on the subject. I think it's natural to be proud of your child's milestones and accomplishments and want to tell everyone about them. First of all, our children quickly become our focal point and we're excited