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Pregnancy Journal: 29 Weeks!

Another week closer! Well, I'm happy to say that whatever is going on with my pelvic discomfort – it has not worsened! In fact, it is feeling better. I'm not sure how or why, but I'm less concerned now. It feels better than when I first told you about it, so hey,


If You Could Choose Baby’s Sex, Would You?

Just look at that precious face! Photo by Darcy Did you always want a little girl to dress up or a little boy to carry on the family name? What if you could choose the sex of your baby? I was reading a post by my friend Jeanne over at The Stir


The Crib is Ready for the New Baby!

If you've been following along with my weekly pregnancy journal, then you know my nesting instinct is kicking in. I'm anxious to reorganize the nursery yet I'm overwhelmed by the enormity of the project. I'm going through Rissa's outgrown clothes and toys, setting aside neutral items (and some “boyish” stuff we had


Pregnancy Journal: 28 Weeks

The baby bump is becoming more obvious. And in the way. I can't tell you how many times a day I run into something with it! I've only gained a pound and a half, but baby boy weighs around 2lbs according to recent ultrasound measurements. With my daughter I gained a total


Safe Eating and Choosing Supplements While Pregnant

I used to think that getting pregnant meant a free-for-all on food. Since I like food, I looked forward to the day I could use the excuse “I'm eating for two!” and have an extra helping of dessert. When I became pregnant with my daughter, I quickly learned through reading and research


Pregnancy Journal: 27 Weeks But Why Does My Crotch Hurt?

Pregnancy brain is getting me more and more which is made clear when I go to write my pregnancy journal update yet I forget to have a bump picture taken. I'm getting more vain about them too so if it's bad lighting I won't even ask Brian. I'm pregnant, not fat! Okay


Pregnancy Journal: 26 Weeks!

Well we've made it to 26 weeks along and the third trimester is right around the corner. I can tell too, because I've had a few early nights this past week. At first I thought it was just catching up from my trip to LA, but I no longer think that is


Enjoying Disneyland and California Adventure While Pregnant

Disclosure: I visited Disneyland and California Adventure Parks as part of an all expense paid #DisneyInHomeBloggers press trip. No other compensation was provided. All thoughts and magical moments are my own! I can hardly believe I was just at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure last week. I have never been to Disneyland before


Push Present Ideas for New Moms: Jewelry From Juno Lucina

Have you ever heard of a push present or a push gift?  I hadn't until recently when I was contacted by Juno Lucina asking if I was interested in working with them. Admittedly I felt silly not knowing what a push gift was since I'm pregnant with my second child. I thought


Pregnancy Journal: Week 25!

One more week closer! This past week flew by with my trip to LA. Boy, travel is extra draining while preggo. And what is with people (especially on planes) expecting me to suck it in to get around them in the aisle to go to the bathroom? Dude, I can't suck in