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Cloth Diaper Newbie: The Decision

A few weeks ago I started to contemplate cloth diapering. I briefly considered it while I was pregnant, but had the image of the old fashioned way my parents did it: Bulky cloths Nasty wet pails Dunking in the toilet Rubber pants Pokey diaper pins That was yucky and unpleasant. But, as


Traveling With Baby

We had quite the adventure going out of town for my gramma's funeral. It was the first road trip for Aerissa. The longest car ride she's been on so far is about 45 minutes one way. This trip took us 170ish miles away from home. But, for being a 2.5 month old,


Unfortunate Circumstances

Some of you may be aware (if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook) that my paternal grandmother passed away yesterday in the wee hours of the morning. I knew her life was coming to an end. She had a stroke when I was about 15 or 1 6 years old and


Infant Discovery: Fascinating Hands

Yesterday, Aerissa discovered her hands. It was very cool for me to watch her as she did so… She clenched her fist at arm's length, her eyes fixated on this curious thing. Her mouth is in a small “o” shape as her fist slowly floats towards her face. Her eyes widen and


My Daughter’s Birth Story: Part One

Fair warning: This post will be long and may include some less than flowery descriptions of the disgustingly beautiful process that is childbirth. It also may seem disorganized as it is being written stream of consciousness style. Another side note: I originally intended for her birth story to be a single post.


“S” is for Smile

Rissy is 6 weeks old now (as of Sunday) and right on cue… she's smiling! Well, REAL smiles. Social smiles. The ones that melt your heart and make her smile even bigger in return when you get happy and excited. The sleepy dreamy and gassy smiles were cute, but nothing like the


Center of Your World

For now, I am the center of your world I provide you with food, comfort, security and warmth You don't quite understand why, but you know I'm important You love to gaze at my face, listen to my voice, and will seek me out when I'm not around It warms my heart


She Arrived!

Wow this post is superduper late. My daughter arrived (on her own!) on October 31st. That's right, a Halloween baby! I was planning to get some more posts up and scheduled between 10/31 and 11/4 … since I was going to start my maternity leave on 11/3 and was scheduled to be