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The Odd Life of Timothy Green Magical Moments Photo Collage Sweepstakes #TimothyGreen

When Timothy Green unexpectedly shows up in Stanleyville, he changes the lives of the people he meets forever. Inspired by that, Disney has created an application ( that allows fans of THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN to upload and share photos of magical moments from their own lives. When a photo is submitted, it becomes


Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful – Coming 2013!

The Wizard of Oz is one of my all-time favorite movies. I sometimes wondered how the world came to be and more about who the Wizard really is. I've watched a few shows that go into the future, such as a Dorothy Gale descendant winding up in Oz. Next year, we get


Happy Father’s Day Clip From #Brave

This Father's Day clip from Disney/Pixar's Brave is cute. I crack up every time I see King Fergus imitate his daughter, Merida. Enjoy!


Funny Disney/Pixar’s BRAVE Summer Games Clip #Brave

They've done it again! The Freedom Broch compilation was quite amusing and now this Summer Games clip is funny. Though the 40 Yard Nose Run is NOT my kind of game!   Which game would you medal in? “Like” BRAVE on Facebook: BRAVE arrives in theaters everywhere on June 22nd!


Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph Trailer

Where are my gamers at? I can't tell you how happy I am to see an animated movie based on video game characters! There's too much negativity that surrounds video games and those who enjoy them, so I think this will be a fun and entertaining movie. And for us old school


New Exclusive PEOPLE LIKE US Clip! #PplLikeUs

We are getting closer and closer to opening day of People Like Us, in theaters June 29, 2012. I really liked this movie and I think it will shed a new light on how some of you perceive your family. Anyway! I am thrilled to share a new, exclusive clip with you


Witch’s Magical Mystery Brew – Brave Clip

It's almost time for Disney/Pixar's BRAVE to hit theaters on June 22, 2012! I can't wait to get a date night to go see it (hopefully in 3D) because it looks good! Pixar, of course, comes up with hilarious shorts and trailers and I like this “commercial” for Witch's Magical Mystery Brew. 


Finding Nemo 3D Trailer – In Theaters This Fall!

Finding Nemo is one of our family favorites. I'm pretty sure Brian and I saw it in the theater when it came out (we used to go to a lot of Pixar movies pre-kids!). This is one I definitely would love to see in 3D, wouldn't you?


DreamWorks Pictures’ People Like Us Clip: Family Outing #PeopleLikeUs

 My family is a little… unusual. The best part? Never a dull moment! And amazingly there are other People Like Us who have learned to embrace the family they have – no matter what that looks like. I love this “Family Outing” clip because it's just pure fun and silliness. Enjoy! PEOPLE LIKE


BRAVE: Freedom Broch

I've grown to enjoy bagpipes. I think they can sound quite lovely … but this “Freedom Broch” – 19 Classic Bagpipe Hits in One Compilation – is amusing! “Like” BRAVE on Facebook: BRAVE arrives in theaters everywhere on June 22nd!