Hops, Memes, and Events Archive


WW: Goofing Off at #BBSummit12 With @ThisIsGMC

Last Saturday I attended an all day conference in Chicago. I was light on sleep and filling up with knowledge… All while meeting new people and spending time with those I already know. One of the conference sponsors was GMC and they brought two vehicles we could look at: the Denali and


WW: Pretty Maternity Dresses

I think I'll pack these for BlogHer '12 conference, what do you think? (I'll be sharing reviews and giveaways soon!)


WW: Covered in Yogurt

Rissa decided to pretend her yogurt was soap. It was pretty amusing until she started throwing yogurt covered grapes at me!


WW: Modeling Hats


WW: Brobee – Rissa’s New BFF?

 We found a Yo Gabba Gabba! Brobee beanie baby at the grocery store a couple weeks ago. Brobee (the little green one) is Rissa's favorite character. He gets to help stack blocks. She brushes his teeth. And she hugs him tight while he cries on the show! LOL


WW: Rissa & Friends Going on a Walk!

We can't go without bringing her friends. I need a double stroller just for them!


WW: A Day at the Park

She also went down the (small) straight slide all by herself! I wasn't able to get a pic though.


WW: Toy Gang!

Here we have most of Rissa's favorite toys! Pony, Dolly, Kitties, Harry the bunny, Scribbles, Blue, Maggie, Coral and Jewel. These are the names she knows them by and calls them. Well, she calls all 3 Lalaloopsy dolls Coral and Harry is just a bunny nose wiggle, but she knows who they


WW: Helping With Chores

Rissa likes to help (sometimes). She's not too keen on picking up things she's scattered across the floor like food or toys, but will usually pick up at least two “to help.” She's helping more with putting away dishes and sweeping now! Now I just need to find her a toddler sized


WW: Rissa as The Hulk!

Rissa ANGRY! Rissa SMASH! Thank you Disney/Marvel for providing the Hulk Smash Fists. I can't wait to attend the event this weekend as their guest (minus the fists!).