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Why I Prefer Leading Lady Nursing Bras

I've been breastfeeding for over two years now. I am still nursing Rissa, though she only has one session a day now, usually around bedtime. It's been cut down due to the arrival of my son, Xander. Now he is nursing like a champ every 2-3 hours around the clock. Well, he


12 Gift Ideas for Mom!

Still looking for gift ideas for mom or maybe something to get for yourself after Christmas with all those gift cards you'll receive? Here are a few holiday gift ideas for moms! Does the mom you are shopping for like to take a lot of pictures? Is she still using the camera


Pay Less for Stylish Holiday Gifts

When I go shoe shopping, the first place I like to go is Payless Shoe Source. They tend to have great deals whenever I need a new pair of shoes. I hate ordering shoes online because I have wide feet. It's very important for me to actually try shoes on before buying.


Travel Smart With the QuickSmart Backpack Stroller

If you travel a lot with a baby (6 months+) or toddler – whether by car, plane or train – you need to check out the QuickSmart Backpack Stroller. It will save you space and headaches – trust me! I only wish we'd had this stroller earlier, like for our trip to


Give the Gift of Blue Nile Jewelry + The Extraordinary Days of Christmas Sweepstakes!

Before I tell you about Blue Nile's awesome sweepstakes, I just have to share that I love their jewelry! When Brian was planning to propose to me, he needed a semi-sneaky way to get my engagement ring without me knowing. The first step was getting my ring size. He lucked out because


Get Your Rock On Anywhere With This Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Are you usually the one with the coolest playlist where ever you go? Do people like to ask you about what tunes to play when everyone gets together for a backyard BBQ? It's kind of nice being the go-to person for music but it sucks to give up your phone – even


Key Ingredient Recipe Reader for the Cook on Your Holiday List!

As we go more digital and tech savvy, it is only a matter of time before we prefer an electronic cookbook, right? I love looking at the pictures in my cookbooks, but they take up so much space (especially in a small kitchen) and the pages can get yucky from being right


Why I Love Personalized Mother’s Bracelets

When I was little I thought it was awesome to give my mom gifts that “Mom” on them, like she needed reminding. (Though I felt the same about gifts for Dad!) As I moved through my teenage years, I started looking at all the mom jewelry as being completely corny. Just how


My LifeProof Adventures

Several months ago I had a crazy dream. I'm not quite sure if it was fueled by my desire for a LifeProof cellphone case, pregnancy hormones or both…but it was frightening. Well, frightening to anyone who is dependent in any way on their smartphone. In my dream I was hovering over a


Get More Comfy With the Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow

If there's one thing pregnancy can guarantee it's a change in your sleep. Before having my daughter, I was a stomach sleeper. Occasionally I'd be on my side, but never my back. Once she was conceived though it was too uncomfortable to sleep on my tummy. Between sore breasts and a growing